Monday, October 5, 2009

Our little update on life.

Dude. I dropped off the face of the web for a change & it. was. Awesome!! My house is sparkling, my kids are happy & snuggly as ever. I have even forgotten to eat lately & lost 7 pounds!!

Life is rocking right along as Mike is almost DONE with school! Can you believe it?? A few weeks ago we realized, this time next year we might be watching Mike walk the stage to get his hard earned diploma & having an awesome celebration with everyone, Or even,we might find ourselves moving, be it to a new town or new state.

Before too long, Mike will start working on his resume & all these last few years will really be worth it. Needless to say, this realization has given us both quite the boost we needed. No longer do I find myself bitching about what little space we have in the house, because I know it isnt forever. I think we've been realizing we need to enjoy this time while we can, as soon Mike will actually have a job & we will have to pretend to be adults.

So, I've been cleaning & playing with the kids & just doing things as a family the last few weeks. Some deep cleaning, organizing.. Fall-izising. ( You know, the transfer from Summer to Fall in the house) which has been interesting to say the least!

We had a kitten for about 2 days. Andy named him Bird ( or Bert?) and he took off after less than 2 days with a nice free dose of Frontline, jerk.

Andy is just crazy! This kid & his sentences & words & his level of expression is just bursting at the seams! We're into the building/pretend stage, a bit right now. Kurt, a friend of ours gave Andy some awesome blocks & building/creating toys & he's been non stop creating. I cant believe how polite & sweet & kind Andy is, he amazes me every day!

Ryan is a beast. Literally, he jumps off furniture when no one is there to catch him, throws chairs & tables with ease across the room, runs like a mad man..

Me, I've just been taking a breather from EVERYTHING. Sometimes we all need to do that, just forget about the outside world & focus on your little family to remind you whats important.

We'd had a whole month of fun events planned but since Ohio decided to turn back to crap & rain all the time, our last few weekends were put on hold for better weather.

I have tons of pictures, videos & fun stuff to share with everyone.

PLUS.. Since I've been gone for sooo long, I am almost done with a full week of giveaways for my readers coming up. I've been "out of the game' but I need to show you guys I love you with some awesome stuff coming up. So, I hope you'll stay tuned, even though I went MIA on all of you!


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