Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hope Faith & Charlie.

I recently received the book Hope, Faith and Charlie

Actually, a woman I have worked with on blog reviews wrote this book! Another mom just like us.

I'd like to share what she wrote;

"Back in 2007 I wrote a book titled Hope Faith & Charlie . The book is a memoir about my then 6 month old son Charlie’s courageous battle with Stage 4 brain & spine cancer, and our unwavering fight to defy the odds and bear witness to a miracle that would unfold right before our eyes.

My son was given 10 months to live, and the world-renown medical facility that was overseeing his care wanted to due a Phase I study on our son (Phase I studies are only preformed on terminal patients). Our hearts told us to seek a second opinion, which we did. Charlie endured 21 months of chemotherapy and 11 operations. By the Grace of God, he is turning 10 years old this Wednesday.

So why would I, someone with no formal writing experience, write a memoir? Because on the day Charlie was diagnosed I got on my hands and knees and made a solemn promise to myself, and to God, that if he spared Charlie’s life on this earth, I would do whatever I could within my power to renew people’s Faith & Belief in miracles.

I fulfilled that promise by in 2007 – and 2 years of being rejected by every publication house I connected with. Why? I was told that they receive over 10,000 memoirs a year, and will publish just one – and if I wasn’t Lance Armstrong or Elizabeth Edwards, I was not going to get published.

I couldn’t give up on my promise, and turned to self-publishing. "

This book went on to be quoted as,
Hope, Faith and Charlie is inspirational and emotional, heart-wrenching and heart-warming – sometimes laughable, often times laudable – and over flowing with invaluable life lesson.”
-According to The Boston Globe

With this being
September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. what a better time to share this amazing book that Woman’s World Magazine said “It is a true story with a truly miraculous ending.”

Check out Hope, Faith and Charlie, its a story of lessons & inspirations every mother can understand.



  1. Oh I need to get this book!

  2. This touches me in so many ways!

  3. It is an AMAZING story - I just finished it myself. Gave me chills as my older son is exactly the same age as Charlie...

  4. Thanks for the recommendation...gonna check it out!


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