Friday, September 25, 2009


So, I always wanted to go to culinary school, actually. Betcha didn't know that one huh??

A few weeks back, I got to thinking about it. No, I'm not going back to school right now, this summer I'll finish my open degree at the local university I used to attend, but full time school isn't happening now, or maybe ever, who knows.

I just wanted to check it out, of course, I end up at Le Cordon Bleu, in PA next door to us.

I just wanted to request some info, for future reference. I got a phone call the next morning at about 11am from their school to talk to me. I relayed I'm a stay at home mother of 2 just gathering information for now as its something I'll be doing down the road.

Dude, they must have been like "Eh, she isn't coming, fuck it" because I swear to you, they just didn't send me anything!!!

WTH? I'm only worthy of phone call stalking until you find out I'm not signing up for next semester??

Maybe when the kids are older, I'll start my way at Denny's in the kitchen (where by the way, was my first job. I was a waitress but I'd pretend to cook sometimes when people wern't around!) & work my way up to Top Chef on my own. THEN you'll be sorry you didn't send me a damn information packet. Asshole.

Call me. My husband has the same first name as you, so it doesn't count.



  1. LOL Claire. Sorry they didnt send you any info. Try an Art Institue, theres sure to be one near you. They will send you so much info your head may explode ;)

  2. They SO did that to me too. Never called back, never sent anything, nothing. They are like 30 miles from me too, those fuckers. I called them about a month ago. Creepiness factor!! Wedo-wedo-wedo-wedo (X-Files theme or something)

  3. they sent me a bunch of crap whenever they figured out i knew emeril lagasse's cousin lol...i went to culinary school and i miss it.



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