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Glamour Mom Tank-
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Friday, September 25, 2009


So, I always wanted to go to culinary school, actually. Betcha didn't know that one huh??

A few weeks back, I got to thinking about it. No, I'm not going back to school right now, this summer I'll finish my open degree at the local university I used to attend, but full time school isn't happening now, or maybe ever, who knows.

I just wanted to check it out, of course, I end up at Le Cordon Bleu, in PA next door to us.

I just wanted to request some info, for future reference. I got a phone call the next morning at about 11am from their school to talk to me. I relayed I'm a stay at home mother of 2 just gathering information for now as its something I'll be doing down the road.

Dude, they must have been like "Eh, she isn't coming, fuck it" because I swear to you, they just didn't send me anything!!!

WTH? I'm only worthy of phone call stalking until you find out I'm not signing up for next semester??

Maybe when the kids are older, I'll start my way at Denny's in the kitchen (where by the way, was my first job. I was a waitress but I'd pretend to cook sometimes when people wern't around!) & work my way up to Top Chef on my own. THEN you'll be sorry you didn't send me a damn information packet. Asshole.

Call me. My husband has the same first name as you, so it doesn't count.


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Thanks to everyone for bearing with me while I take a stay-cation & do some family stuff.

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"Gotta Catch Santa Claus" On DVD

Am I the only one who is getting excited for Christmas?? NO!!

ABC Family is too;

Watch for this cute new movie, with William Shatner as the voice of Santa, on ABC Families annual 25 days of Christmas this winter!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hope Faith & Charlie.

I recently received the book Hope, Faith and Charlie

Actually, a woman I have worked with on blog reviews wrote this book! Another mom just like us.

I'd like to share what she wrote;

"Back in 2007 I wrote a book titled Hope Faith & Charlie . The book is a memoir about my then 6 month old son Charlie’s courageous battle with Stage 4 brain & spine cancer, and our unwavering fight to defy the odds and bear witness to a miracle that would unfold right before our eyes.

My son was given 10 months to live, and the world-renown medical facility that was overseeing his care wanted to due a Phase I study on our son (Phase I studies are only preformed on terminal patients). Our hearts told us to seek a second opinion, which we did. Charlie endured 21 months of chemotherapy and 11 operations. By the Grace of God, he is turning 10 years old this Wednesday.

So why would I, someone with no formal writing experience, write a memoir? Because on the day Charlie was diagnosed I got on my hands and knees and made a solemn promise to myself, and to God, that if he spared Charlie’s life on this earth, I would do whatever I could within my power to renew people’s Faith & Belief in miracles.

I fulfilled that promise by in 2007 – and 2 years of being rejected by every publication house I connected with. Why? I was told that they receive over 10,000 memoirs a year, and will publish just one – and if I wasn’t Lance Armstrong or Elizabeth Edwards, I was not going to get published.

I couldn’t give up on my promise, and turned to self-publishing. "

This book went on to be quoted as,
Hope, Faith and Charlie is inspirational and emotional, heart-wrenching and heart-warming – sometimes laughable, often times laudable – and over flowing with invaluable life lesson.”
-According to The Boston Globe

With this being
September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. what a better time to share this amazing book that Woman’s World Magazine said “It is a true story with a truly miraculous ending.”

Check out Hope, Faith and Charlie, its a story of lessons & inspirations every mother can understand.


Friday, September 18, 2009

aden & anais (Review & Giveaway) CLOSED

I was a blankie baby. In fact, I still have my very own baby blankies! I pushed blankie after blankie into both my boys hands from birth on, hoping one of them would have the same attachment as me

Since I got Ryan his first aden & anais blankie for him at 7 months old, he was hooked.Once the swaddle stage passed, he started pulling them over his head, which was the only way he could fall asleep for months, as he got older & more hooked on these blankies I knew these blankies were in for some wear!

You can see the pattern of them being in the area, of Ryan below..

We had a package of 4, which we swapped around for washings. It didn't matter which one it was, or if it's all 4 at once. Once Ryan gets sleepy, or just needs a snuggle, be grabs his a&a blankie & comes looking for you. It's his snuggle, his comfort item. It's adorable.

We've since gained ((cough)) several more ( I like them myself ok??) If it wernt for the print, you couldnt tell the 1 year old ones from the 1 week old. These have been run over by strollers on outings, dragged around the house for hours every single day & for as thin & light as they feel, these babies are durable!!!!!!!

I love the prints they already have, but when I heard about new prints coming out, I was thrilled to test a new one out, see how Ryan took to it.

Sure enough, this trendy, adorable, bold cow print is a new favorite in the cycle already!

One of my readers will win a single wrap of their own.

Visit the web site & tell me your favorite wrap! Link me to it. I'll use to pick a winner Sept. 30th, 2009.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sniffle Buddies (Review)

Andy has developed a "I wipe?' habit, which consists of a brief ask before he wipes his hands on your shirt, or his nose on the chair's arm. Luckily, we found Sniffle Buddies. A soft bamboo cotton wipe that fits right on your child's wrist.

This is perfect! Its the easy simple solution to the lack of handkerchiefs people carry & the fact there is never a tissue when your child needs one!

Here is how Sniffle Buddies came to be-

"One idea lead to another. We incorporated some environmentally-friendly ORGANIC BAMBOO/ORGANIC COTTON fabric that is cashmere-like soft, 50% more absorbent than cotton, naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, hypo allergenic and protects skin from the sun’s UV rays. The fabric covers elastic bands that are secured by velcro closures. They're sturdy and easily removable by parents. The combination is skin friendly, washable, reusable, and handyenough that our kids were eager to use them instead of their skin or clothing...or your clothing!

Until the day that our little ones can be more resourceful with an environmentally friendly handkerchief, we hope our washable, reusable SNIFFLE BUDDIES® can help catch their sniffles...and lighten the load of our landfills one tissue at a time. Our Sniffle Buddies® certainly won't cure the common cold, but we sure hope they slow the spread of colds & flu by catching some of the germs that would otherwise have ended up on their clothes or hands."

LOVE IT!! Not only a great solution for when we dont have 3 hands & someone needs a tissue but its eco friendly for all of us!
Check them out at Sniffle Buddies, for your kids noses & wipes, this will definately be a great item as both boys grow older!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why Dad's arent Moms.

A lesson EVERY mother likely knows... In video...


Sup (AND a HUGE State Fair video!!!)

Dude. I hate to say it, but I have taken an Internet Vacation & I AM LOVING IT!!

WHO KNEW there was such life outside of the Internet after having children.. I had no idea, myself.

I have just been embracing Fall lately, house cleaning, swapping colors out for more seasonable colors, a few decorations, cleaning the gardens for Fall, planting flowers.. Making jam & jelly from the grapes in our yard ((( faints)) I know. I am like AMAZING myself even here people!!
I canned tomatoes from our garden, I've been doing MAJOR art work with Andy & having the longest snuggles with Ryan..

I've made grape jam,grape JELLY, canned my own tomatoes from the garden AND made PICKLES!!!

We went to one of the biggest fairs in the state of Ohio the other weekend,

Its been really nice to focus on whats really important, my 3 amazing boys!!!

Oh..growing ironic are you??


Cleveland Area Families- Barnum & Baily Circus(coupon code)

I can hardly recall the last ( maybe only?) time I went to a circus. I'm not actually a big circus or even zoo fan, but its something every child seems to HAVE to see, at least once when they're still small.

Luckily, we're going to get that chance next month when Barnum & Bailey Ringling Bros circus comes to Cleveland!

For those of you in the Cleveland & surrounding areas here are dates & times for the show at the Q.

Wednesday October 21: 7:30pm
Thursday October 22: 7:30pm
Friday October 23: 7:30 pm
Sunday October 24:11:30am, 3:30pm, 7:30pm
Sunday October 25: 11:30am, 3:30pm, 7:30pm
Monday October 26: 7:30pm

Fan B&B on their FaceBook to follow along for updates, pictures & exclusive news.

Families can get a great deal on a 4 pack of tickets (weekday only) for only $44 by using code MOM at Ticket Master, or saving $4 on each weekend ticket with the same code.

In addition to the circus, there is an All-Access Preshow an hour beforehand, which is free for all ticket holders!


Southern Brand (Review)

My husband is a raised Southern man. He truly is, although he was born in Vail, CO he was raised & lived almost his whole live in Southern Florida. When I say Southern Gentleman, I dont mean the guys who wine & dine & then throw you out when they're done. I mean a REAL southern man.
(Remember, moving to the south to live, doesn't make you a gentleman, those are harder & harder to find now'days)

Andy, my son is a rare breed of Florida Cracker ( born in Florida) and I have always known I was a Southern gal in another life.

Southern Brand has taken not only the lingo, language & looks of true Southern image, but I have to say, they captured the Southern CHARM perfectly as well.

I just want to take a second to say, that when I do a review, sometime I always notice is the care that goes into my product arrival. Some people pitch stuff in a box, some toss in a business card. Southern Brand gave me the biggest shock of all. Not only did they show perfect hospitality with a kind hand written note, but they fancied up my package just like they would for anyone, THAT'S a charming host my friends. I was so smiley over this, I actually had to take a picture!

There is nothing I love more in clothing than comfort. Usually, this takes about 5 years & a bazillion washes to achieve for myself, but Southern Brand took all the hard work out of this & came up with quite possibly, the softest, sweetest material on the face of the Earth.

Mike is absolutely rocking his Rooster Vintage Tee, and he looks SO hot in it, I must say.


I am loving my Queen Bee shirt, its soft as can be & comfortable as they come.


I think I'm going to have to get this one for Ryan soon!!!


Check out Southern Brand for yourself, they have something simply perfect for everyone!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Glamourmom ( Review And Giveaway) CLOSED

When I first began nursing, 3 years ago, GlamourMom tanks were always the first suggestion when nursing clothing came up. Three years later, still nursing, I still wear mine just as much as I did when I had a new born.

GlamourMom has created tanks that are not only supportive, comfortable, but are fashionable. My biggest pet peeve about tanks is that I dont want them riding up when I bend over, or stretch. GlamourMom came up with the long tank, which is perfect for the more fashionable longer designs in typical shirts, but is also great for long torso ed women like myself.

I got to check out the new sage green, in a long top & I love it. It not only covers the top of my jeans, but can be pulled down for a fashionable look, or covered with a sweater in the cooler seasons to still be perfect for discrete nursing. Its soft, comfortable & easy to snap down with out exposure while nursing.

You can see me, wearing mine ( while doing my hair) here with Andy!

Orders of 2 or more tanks always save an immediate 10% which I love!

One of my readers can pick a tank of their own to try out.

Here is how to enter-

Visit GlamourMom and tell me what you'd pick if you won!

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Where were You?

Where were you, September 11, 2001?

I was a senior in high school. Math class. Something something turn the TV on, a teacher called in. I think another few minutes someone yelled more urgently to turn a TV on, and all the teachers in the classrooms seemed to comply.

I think it took everyone a few minutes to realize what the hell was going on. Mostly it was confusion, as the bell rang for another class.

We got to our classrooms. Mine was a senior only workshop class. We all sat & watched as it unfolded. Our teacher, an amazing woman, urged us all, as things "calmed down" ( aka as much as they could be!) to take out a piece of paper & write down exactly what was going on in their thoughts. To put it in an envelope with a newspaper from the next AM & to put it away, someday, find it with your children. Because this was something we'd never forget & it was history you were experiencing. Something so very big.

I remember driving home to lunch, I have no idea how that happened, to be honest. I think things were still so much confusion that some people slipped out to lunch & maybe we wernt supposed it. People holding signs all over town, the campus was shut down, everything closed!!!

The rest of the day, I couldn't tell you. But I know it was all something I'd never forget.

I'm glad I dwrote down what I did. I've crossed it a few times & always tuck it back away, unopened for when my children are old enough.I've since done it for several other MAJOR Historical dates.