Monday, August 3, 2009

Sure Fit Slipcovers (Review)

As many of my readers know.. I have a dog. Echo. Shes a special kinda a gal & she definitely gets special attention. So much in fact, we got rid of a couch & bought a futon so we could cover her sleeping spot easily with something waterproof.

Yes. She pees in her sleep.

However, the really nice,handmade wooden futon we bought, doesn't look so great with a water proof protective sheet & a sheet on top of that. It really just DOESN'T.

I have always wanted to get an actual futon cover ( we have one underneath but I refuse to let it go bare for fear of her ..well..bladder.) to put over top her waterproof pads but honestly? All the ones I come across just seem cheap & not too cozy.

I for one, have heard of Sure Fit Sofa covers. When I think of furniture covers, that's who I automatically think of. They are great looking, reasonably priced & they don't look cheap & silly like SO many couch covers do. I like to live on my furniture, I mean, we have 2 cats, a dog & 2 kids, I dont expect things to stay in pristine condition. While, that would be NICE, I'd rather enjoy my time than worry about things staying clean and with Sure Fit, it ensures a nice look, while also protecting the actual couch, or futon, or loveseat under neith! It can be a full transformation of an ugly couch, or just a protectiove cover like, for us, we need with young children. Sure Fit has something for everyone.

When I got the chance to check out this GORGEOUS futon cover.. Um.. I said YES PLEASE!! Sign me UP!!!

Check out the futon before-


It's the Soft Suade cover & let me tell you, it IS soft!! Its plush & smooth & soft & its even machine washable!

I absolutely love it & as Andy has been "tucking himself to bed" on the couch lately, I think he does too!!

Sure Fit
has something for everyone, from couch, to love seat,pillows, travel items to even animal protective covers!! They have furniture, lamps & everything you could possibly imagine.

Seeing as how more children & more pets will likely be in our future for a good many more years, I can tell you. Sure Fit & I are going to become GREAT friends in keeping my furniture looking great, ata great price.


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