Friday, August 14, 2009

Stop Staring.

..If you can. Which is highly unlikely for anyone wearing a gorgeous garment from Stop Staring.

I have always been a fan of the retro, rock a billy, vintage style of clothing that's out there. When I was a tiny 110 pounds, it wasn't my style, though I admired it & as I've gotten old & curvier, I've found its awfully hard to find these types when your no longer a size 2 or 4!

When I came across Stop Staring's website the first thing I thought was "I've seen that dress!" in response to their gorgeous one shouldered red Ava dress. Of course!! Kim Kardashian wore it!

Yes, I watch Keeping up with the Kardashians!

As I scrolled through this drool worthy site of amazing clothes I recognized more & more of their items.

Paris's hot hot vintage pink dress,

Even a feature in an Oprah magazine!

Alica Estrada started Stop Staring in 1997 after her love for sewing in her household as one of 10 children, she quickly realized her talent & sprung into the world of creating her own business. Her dream has come alive, since she began, Stop Staring items have been features in magazines like Vogue & Allure, as well as having been worn by celebrities like Dita Von Teese,Nicole Kidman,Amy Winehouse,Eva Mendes & Kelly Osborne.

As I scrolled though the dozens of pages of dresses & other amazing outfits I fell more & more in love. Not only does Stop Staring have an amazing selection of quality gorgeous dresses, but they go all the way up to size 3x in some items!!!

It took me forever to decide on my favorite.. The Glida dress was hands down my favorite, I finally decided.

However, I'd be much more likely to wear the Cotton Candy dress so that is what I decided to check out.

This dress is so much different than in the pictures. I don't think any photo could do it justice. Its a crisp cotton in a gorgeous turquoise color that a camera can't pick up. The twirly skirt that billows out just so when you twirl, the removable flower at the bust, the way it just hugs you waist & flatters any waist line just so snugly at the smallest part of a woman's waist. I absolutely LOVE this dress.

I'm lucky enough to have gotten to try a dress that's not only drool worthy, but celebrity worthy & I have to say, I absolutely love it.

You can purchase the Cotton Candy dress from Stop Staring, but I think once you start looking, you'll find much more than you intended to find.


  1. juliek1994@aol.comAugust 14, 2009 at 10:46 PM

    I think I would choose that dress also. I have not worn a dress in over 8 years but if I did, that would be a good choice for me!

  2. Claire thats awesome. The dress is hot and it looks great on you!

  3. I love the Paris Hilton dress! And of COURSE you look gorgeous in yours - it's an awesome cut for a REAL body! :)

  4. Love the clothes. Dress looks great on you Claire. I don't know why they are so expensive and if they are charging that kind of money they should have better pic of the garments on the web site. Just a suggestion.


  5. Sabrina/littlestars17August 14, 2009 at 11:35 PM

    gorgeous dress and love their site!!!

  6. I want one...maybe next summer. I love Dita Von Teese's style, I think she'd cry over mine though!

  7. I love the dress you picked Claire. I was just thinking yesterday I needed more fun dresses. I have my church dresses and that is it. Then I saw your pictures of the dress last night and was thinking....that's what I am talking about! You look amazing in it and it is great looking dress.


  8. Well, you know how *I* feel about thier stuff! LOVE IT! If I could dress like that every day, I would.

    There was a black dress with a halter top and the swing skirt that I just loooooved a few years ago... I still kick myself for not ordering it.

  9. Also, totally wish that cotton candy dress came in some other colors, lol.

  10. you look fab in that dress. they all look hot!

  11. gorgeous dress, LOVE the site!!!

  12. That dress is so cute on you!!!!

  13. You're gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I need a Kim Kardashian dress... I'd be BANGIN! lol


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