Sunday, August 9, 2009

Project Pet

I, as we all know, am a sucker for several things. Cute clothes & animals in need.

When I came across Delicate Tomboy, I knew that I'd found my long lost sister site.



Hello that's ME!

Then seeing the adorable designs like this, my FAVORITE-

& seeing the obvious animal love I knew I had to contact whoever this was that created such a site.

Little did I know, that Emily, the mastermind behid Delicate Tomboy was in the process of starting a non profit Animal Rescue site of her own, Project Pet.

Project Pet helps animals find homes in NYC and Miami, FL. However, not in the typical way!

They have Happy Hour events to raise money for Project Pet, with discounts, amazing DJ's and GREAT donations! (If your in NYC August 20th, head to Bar 108 for a good time for a good cause! You can RSVP here.)

(Check out some of these past events!!!)

You can deck yourself, or your kiddos out in ADORABLE T-shirts to help support Project Pet.

You can even do something as simple as use Good Search, in place of your current search engine. Each time you do, Project Pet recieves one penny towards their great cause.

Good Search also has a program called Good SHOP, which when you buy from participating retailers, a portion of your cost goes to Project Pet.

Two of those 4 ideas cost you NOTHING but help raise money for pets in need like Sasha who was adopted 3 years ago at age 7 and is now back to BARC waiting for a family who actually wants a dog, not just a purse accessory. (Sasha should be mine, I WISH we lived in NYC and could take him ourselves!!!Sad Smiley Pictures, Images and Photos)

or maybe it'll help with a vaccination for Samson, who was found wandering the streets in Miami & now is passing his time until he finds a forever home by running around the yard & enjoying well deserved treats.

And yes, of course, you can good old fashioned donate!

You can choose to donate towards medical needs, or hosting adoption events or just to whatever needs money the most at that time.

I personally, think that for the holiday this year ( or ANY holiday) each one of my readers should replace 3 store bought gifts with donations to Project Pet.

Help your children cut out pictures of animals from magazines, or print one animal off Project Pet that they wish they could have for themselves ("adopt" them!) & make it into a special card or home made plaque for the gift recipient. Let them know that your kids wanted a special gift for them, the powerful & irreplaceable specialness of a gift in your name, the gift of saving not just one animal, but maybe 2! ( Every time an animal is adopted, a new one, from a kill shelter gets a home in this NO KILL shelter!!!)

Not only will you be making a huge difference to a pooch in need, but you'll be teaching your children the valuable lesson of making a difference & caring for animals. If WE don't care for animals, who will?? Let US be their VOICE!

I challenge ALL my readers to donate, be it in place of a gift or just because you love animals & its cause as much as I do. To anyone who donates, I'll give you 5 extra entries to every giveaway I have for 6 months after your donation has taken place.. 3 donations through out the year could be 18 months of extra entries!!!

So be like me, and Ryan and go heart those doggies!!! ( t-shirt available from Delicate Tomboy at Shirts4Squirts)


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  1. :thumbs up:! We got our dog from a rescue group and he's really the most awesome dog! <--He fits in well. LOL


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