Monday, August 10, 2009

PR Blackout

So, I guess this week is a PR Blackout for many mom bloggers. This week they are not reading, writing to, responding or posting anything to do with PR, pitches, reviews & giveaways.

Good for them.

I'm not going to participate because I took my blog back awhile ago.

I don't need to stop for a week. I don't need to stop for a day.. Know why?? Because awhile ago I realized I HATED blogging! I dreaded finding time to sit down & write some witty comment about some companies new product.

So, I decided not to. I'm not getting paid to do this, it isnt a job, I dont HAVE to show up to work! I do this because I want to, I offer free PR to companies large & small and hey..If I dont feel like talking about your toilet cleaner today, I'm not going to. Plain & simple.

So many people want ot be the next big thing, hell, the only way I'd like to be like Pioneer Woman is to live out West with a ton of land & animals! She can keep the rest!!! I mean, don't get me wrong, good for her & all but I'd rather be out rolling down hills in cow pies than putting in what has to be extensive blog work every day!!!

I might take a day or so off this week, and probably next, and the week after, or hell, I might take every day but 1 off.. which is the same thing I'm doing now. Not to make a point, but hell, I'm just lazy & much prefer to sit outside in my precious alone time & read a good book with a cold drink than ramble on about the pros & cons of a weeblejeeble!

I felt stressed a few months ago. I had lost sight of why I wanted to blog because I had a hard time saying No to companies who contacted me, companies who asked a bit too much of my "work" for them. I'm not getting paid, I'm giving up time with my family, I'm pissing the UPS guy off.. What the hell? I dont see any reason to be getting stressed about this whole PR blogging stuff for their benefit. All it does is make me crabby & probably cranky enough that my review will be a bit tense b/c I feel so stressed & that doesnt benefit a company whos working with me at all!

So I dont. I just DONT anymore. Screw it. If someone doesnt want to do a review with me, your probably not going to be the first, I got over my fear of being rejected LOONNGG ago. Hell, I dont even get responses from companies everyone else already worked with sometimes. Maybe sometimes I think "Damn, I really wanted that" but then again..if they dont want me, thats their loss!!!

I cant tell you how many people think its awesome I get free stuff. Yeah.. I love trying new stuff, I always have been that girl who had to try the newest thing first. (No razor or face wash or beauty products went un tested by me from 1999-2004, ok??)

But what people dont know, are down sides of trying new stuff.. Like the product review the company asked me to pull because their sleep assistant sent my husband into severe depression.. Yeah. THAT was SOOO worth it @@

Or when a major company suprises you with an awesome review & giveaway & then insists (twice) they sent your winner a prize, before stopping responding to emails all together & your winner is still asking where the hell her prize is. I certianly dont have the money to send people prizes when a company slacks off. I dont get paid to do this, remember??

Or one of my particular favorites is how when I decide to post something that people cant WIN on, and NO ONE responds. When I share about my life, my thoughts, my family & not a soul has squat to say. Yet I offer up a bag or makeup & I have 100's of comments. Yeah, I need reassurance I'm loved, just like everyone else ok?

This is my BLOG, I started it for ME to talk & hell, before I started this PR crap, I got alot more comments & TRUE readers because they actually liked what I had to say! Now, I just get people tuning in for freebies.

All I'm saying is, I dont do PR for money, hell, some days I barely even do it for fun anymore. I do it because I LOVE finding new things & when the fun stops, I know its time for me to stop, take a deep breath & re evaluate if this is what I want to do.

I no longer give myself schedules, or time lines. In the rare chance a company asks for a projected post date, I give one. But other wise.. hey, its first come first sevre as long as I dont have a good series of books to demolish at night..

I think that every blogger, if you do it for money, for free stuff or just because its the cool thing to do now'days.. Should just say "Fuck it" And blog because THEY WANT TO. Not because someone else wants them to!

Blog for you, no strike, no stand off, just do it for you. Not just this week, or next week.

Now, I'll go do something with my neglected children while obsessivly checking for comments.



  1. I <3 you Claire and you know I read the good, the bad and the ugly. I have been a comment slacker these days, but I do read everything. =)

  2. LOL! I swear you do crack me up and I enjoy your blog...The cat came back post gave my daughter hope that one day her cat might come back too.

  3. Just wanted to say that I do read your blog every day, Ive never entered a contest and love to read anything you happen to write. Good for you for taking ur life back, I used to work at an online job where I had to be on here all the time and I finally did the same thing, life is so much better now that Im not on here everyday. Best wishes to you and please keep blogging :)

  4. Claire, I am an avid reader of your blog. I love you and your style. Way to take charge woman! Keep posting though!!! I don't care about the give a ways even though they are cool!!!! (when you get your prize :P )

  5. I did not feel that the PR blackout was for me either as I have taken a few breaks lately and need to pick up the pace on my blog

  6. VERY well said. I have said no to several PR pitches.. and I am no longer posting about a product with getting the opportunity to review it. If you want your product on my blog so badly, well, I charge a fee.

    P.S. I will totally hit you up next time something cool is going on around our little town. Bloggy meetups are fun!

  7. HA! I love it... I seriously loved your blog WAY before you had freebies! You're the funniest chick I know, and your blog was amazing when you'd just talk about the curtains you made, or Halloween! I applaud you lady... THIS is why I love you! :)

  8. You're a fruitcake. I always respond stinky-poo... it just takes me a while. In fact, I stopped entering contests like months ago because I would rather read your ramblings.


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