Saturday, August 29, 2009

Plasma Car

I heard about Plasma Cars when Andy was still a baby, I have to admit, I was more interested for myself, than for a growing child.

With all the video & computer games now, its really shocking to see how many kids don't have physical activity in their daily lives.

Plasma Cars are mobile fun for children 3-100 that work based off your own energy, movement & inertia.

This is a mobile toy that's won awards since its come out, that requires the plop of a bum on its seat & the wiggle of hands, nothing else, to send you racing! It holds a weight limit of a whopping 220 pounds( on a smooth surface) and 120 pounds, on a rough surface, like a bumpy road!

We got the chance to check out a plasma car of our own, Check it out!

I think he'll "get it" more when he's older, although he does know that to wiggle means to go. Hes mostly content for now to just push off & glide. Ryan certainly is too young, but he likes to sit on it & pretend!

I have to say, this is one of the coolest toys we've seen yet. Not only does it encourage activity, but as Andy shows, it can be used a few ways. Not only by the wiggle, but Andy is a "race car" in his, and sends himself flying forward with his legs behind him, while steering & adding a wiggle here & there to go a bit further. It steers like "ride on toys" do not. So even for younger children who don't get the "wiggle" as much as older ones, ti still provides entertainment & physical activity.

You can buy a Plasma Car directly for a cost of $69.95. You can also find them at retailers near you.

Check them out on Facebook or their very own Blog. You can also follow them on Twitter. Be sure to check out & subscribe to their blog, as well.


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