Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh Shit Balls

Ah where have I been??

Off in the world of fabulousness??

Nope.. Mike had the shits for 3 days & slept til 2pm... I've been cleaning A-L-O-T of poo. To say the least.

Our van just about took the big old crapper.. luckily, we just finished paying off our Matrix & are blessed with the chance to UPGRADE ( twinkle tampon commercial HERE)

Ryan decided he wants to be my karma for being a bitch of a child & throw himself off any object possible ( if your there to catch OR NOT) And Andy has learned new phrases like "I don't like you anymore" "Can I ask you a question?" "How do you do?" and "It's a BEAUTIFUL day!!!!" which when all pieced together in bleary sleepiness...isn't as cute as it sounds.

Our dead cat is apparently not the dead cat, but her daughter, who might be pregnant and refuses to leave our yard because she OWNS us.

Mike thinks Bob told us Fluf is really Fluf #2 because he doesnt want it to be Fluf #1 because he tried to kill Fluf #1 and thats why THIS Fluf wont come to him..and h'es ticked ( he actually was kinda peeved she ignored him...) and apparently, the obvious answer is that Bob tried to kill Fluf.. but this isnt Fluf.. Yeah.. get the point..

Andy told me he loves poop & doesnt like the potty.. yet when I was dressing from out of a shower & he came to see me he screamed DONT PEE ON THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!! I'm fairly sure Andy will be in diapers for awhile..and hey, thats ok with me!!

Uh... I tried to touch up my highlights & 5 dye jobs later, my hair is shit brown. I'm thrilled. Oh, and I cant stop picking at the SCAB on my head from basically being burnt to shit from all the processing.


Oh WOW..I cant imagine how many of you are sighing relief that I'm back..

Off to rambles..

My mom & I sat at the bank today for like... an HOUR. Some stupid on man in a bandana took a fucking hour & a HALF to talk to our bank officer..I got pissed & told my mom I hope he tripped on his way out the door. She called me mean.

Not mean. Just not nice to people who dont deserve it... Which is like..98% of the WORLD. Then I explained how I don't like old people....

Sometimes, I scare myself..where DID I come from cause holy poopers..I am NOTHING like my entire family!!!!

(((YAWN))) W e just wrapped up True Blood, from last night..... Jason is supafine.. Eh??

Sweet dreams snookums!!!!!!!!


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