Thursday, August 6, 2009

Natures Baby Organics

When Ryan was young he developed an AWFUL rash. A rash so bad I thought "Oh no, this HAS to be more than an irritant from these diapers/cream/wash" and after 2 weeks of it not getting better with all the stuff we tried, I took him to the doctor.

Yep. Ryan has eczema. Andy has developed it a bit now too, actually. I of course, racked the Internet for every possible solution, organic, natural cure all for babies soft skin that I could.

One company always popped up, Natures Baby Organics. I actually first saw about it in a link related to Nicole Ritchie!!

I've tried everything for Ryan, but until we found out about Natures baby, the only items I could find were handmade & a real pain to get to!

Fellow mother, Adena, had the same troubles. When you try to feed & give your kids the best In their bodies, why shouldnt you want to nourish the outside with the same care?

Adena started Natures Baby Organics in her search for a perfect organic, irritant & chemical free line to use for her own 2 girls.

We got the chance to check out some of the products made by Natures Baby recently & have been thrilled at how gentle, yet effective they are on babies & children's skin.

Its REALLY hard for me to give my kids bubble baths. The chemicals in the liquids that ACTUALLY bubble are far from what i consider to be safe, yet the safe soaps well, don't bubble!

The Bubble Bath is so gentle & smells SO good, yet it really does bubble! Andy had a ball of a time kicking around in Tangy Tangerine scented bubbles.

We washed with a gentle shampoo ( they have a great conditioner too!)that can be used on the hair and body, finished off with the gentle unscented lotion & then gave everyone a spritz of a Lavender calming spray which soothed all four of us right to bed.

We are in love with Natures Baby Organics & thrilled to announce that they are now releasing these great Products are available at Target stores! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled & check out these amazing USDA organic baby products.


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