Thursday, August 13, 2009

The goldfishes name is goldfish.

My darling friend Hailey got the idea planted in my head awhile ago "fish" Ahh yes. Andy has also fallen in love with Elmo ( his goldfish toooo!!) and has been begging to go to the Pet Store to look at fish ( Thanks Gramma.)

I stupidly mentioned getting a fish one day & lo & behold. Today was apparently that day.

" A RED goldfish" Okeydokey Andy..

Of course, I just got a Betta Fish, no tanks, filters, etc for me. Not in THIS house. I had a salt water tank one I adored but this house is FAR to tiny for that.

So this is what Andy has to say about his new pal;

"He is so cute."
"He is tiny, he is big ( I got one with the ..flappy...fin.. things...), his eyes are tiny."
"Goldfish, I LOVE you!"
"Your my buddy."
"I love him!"
"He's peeking at me!!!!"

And in the next 5 minutes I'll likely have about 10 more Andy quotes.

His name is Goldfish, OF COURSE. Although occasionally its Dorothy. (Thanks Elmo!) No, he isnt a Betta Fish, he is a GOLDFISH.

I asked the lady how long they live, she told me 2-3 years. I,for one am thrilled.



  1. that's awesome! remember when your fish had babies?

  2. I remember when I was little I really wanted fish so for one of my birthdays my parents bought a tank and I got to pick out a bunch of fish. They were freshwater fish and were told they would only live for 2 to 3 years. Granted we had a filter but those damn fish lived for over SEVEN years so beware!!!

  3. We have had a few betta fish at this house named Dorothy. Thanks to Caitlin loved for Elmo when she was about 18months. The first one lived 2yrs, the next one almost a year.

  4. Just don't flea bomb your house and leave the fish in his bowl on the kitchen table :X
    It severely shortens their lifespan

  5. We have a goldfish named dorothy!!!!!

  6. Aww it looks almost identical to our betta!!
    Ours is Betta 3. THe first one I flushed because Brian bought a girl and it was ugly. The second one committed suicide! And this one has gone 2 weeks without being fed before and is still kicking! they're pretty resiliant fish! LOL!!


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