Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fig Leaf Baby (Review)

As we all know I am a huge fan of "non typical" childrens clothing as well as eco friendly organic cottons.

With slogans like "Full Bodied" and "Ripe" for chunky babies and "Early Bird" for Preemies, Fig Leaf Baby is as original as they come.

Here is a little bit of information about how Fig Leaf Baby came to be;

"Throughout history, Fig Leaves are said to have been used as Mankind's first apparel. Fig Leaf Baby started with co-founder Jaclyn's casual search for a baby shower gift. Frustrated with the lack of truly unique, high quality products available, she decided to make her own. When the simple contemporary design of her embroidered onesie was the hit of the shower, she knew she was on to something much bigger. After building a team, we conceived an idea - an idea founded on the premise that children's fashion is not only about the children. Rather, the clothing is often a reflection of the parents' own unique style and personality. Combining smart design, creative writing, and high quality materials, Fig Leaf Baby was born! Fig Leaf Baby remains a truely family owned business, and we know each piece we produce is a reflection of ourselves. To that end, we use only the highest quality materials in each piece, we personally check each finished product for quality workmanship, and we work to ensure that our means of production are both environmentally and socially responsible. Fig Leaf Baby - a new design on babies' first apparel line."

These are simply adorable soft as a baby's butt These 100% Peruvian Pima cotton clothes are dyed with organic vegetable dyes & what I think is the coolest part, is they have machine disolvable backings on the embroidery! I know I've had shirts that have that itchy backing that over time,wears off & rubs you, literally, the wrong way.

Fig Leaf Baby also donates to K.I.D.S ( Kids in Distressed Situations) which makes buying these sweet suits that much sweeter.

Ryan got the check out the cutest RIPE t-shirt, because as we all know, at 42 weeks, that 10 pounder sure was ripe himself!! It is the softest most luscious shirt his little man has, for sure!

Fig Leaf Baby is still getting set up so in the coming weeks you'll find more & more designs not readily available at this time & believe me, they are worth the wait! Keep an eye out for this adorable line to blossom to life & come to be your favorite new line as well.


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