Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"But She copied ME!!!"

I've been thinking alot about "copying" the last few days. It seems your feelings on copying grow with age.

As a kid, you get awfully pissed & yell when someone copies you, in school, on the playground.

As a teen/young adult, you smugly say "Copying is the highest form of flattery"

As an adult, none of that matters, its simply nice to think that someone liked what you said, or did enough to want to voice it themselves.

I read someones thoughts, which set this process in motion. (Wait, is THAT copying?!) It was sort of.. a complaint, or pet peeve, perhaps of people who "do the same thing you do" What was ironic, was this was written in a place that actually helps lead people into the same business as what this author does.smileys

I posted something about this as a late night thought last night & someone I know gave me a very good reply, I'll be COPYING it right now when I write it to you;

"Its difficult these days to have an original thought because there are so many people on this planet that its more than likely that two or more people think the same at the same time. I completely agree with you. That's what its all about. You never know who you are going to up lift or inspire, or who's life you are going to change by sharing what you have inside of you which is of course original! "

How true! ( You can read more of HER thoughts HERE)

It got me thinking about "who is original" ?

I thought" Authors, of course."
Then I wondered..if I had to sit & write a book today, more than likely I'd be drawing memories out of past books I read. THAT'S copying in a sense!
(Note- I think however, my dad is surely an original writer, as no one could ever think of the weird shit that he has...)

I cant tell you how many drafts of blogs I have started, that are long, thoughtful, drawn out, that I never published only a week later to see a similar thought or story on someone elses page. Thats not copying, as I never even posted mine!

There is the blatant form for word copying, of course, but if say, I wrote a post talking about how women are mean & then 20 minutes later another blogger wrote the same thing, is that copying? Or simply that its something people all think (ha) & we just chose to express it at the same time?

It just goes to show, I suppose, how true it is that no matter how far away, or different people are from one another, thoughts really do travel in circles, so is there really such a think as "copying" anyway??



  1. I've thought about this before too... in a sewing not writing way though lol


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