Thursday, August 6, 2009

Breastfeeding Week

Anyone who knows me, knows I am one of the biggest advocates of nursing you will come across. Today I saw a great blog by Cat, over @ 3 Kids and Us. I'd seen glimpses of this doll she spoke of, but hearing her thoughts was refreshing, especially to hear them from a mom who both nursed AND bottle fed!

I thought to celebrate Breastfeeding Week I'd share some of my own thoughts & stories about breastfeeding as well.

Seeing as how, this is a VERY touchy subject for many, I'd like to ask people to take a step back before they read & recognize MY THOUGHTS AND MY CHOICES...they are mine alone. I am entitled to share them ,just as anyone is & if this is a subject that gets you all hot under the collar.. step away now.

Neither of my children have ever had formula. The only reason ANY of my children would ever, was if for a medical reason, they were unable to have breastmilk, either my medical issue, or theirs.

Andy just turned 3, and yes, he's still nursing. Ryan is 15 months, he's still nursing. I nursed Andy through my entire pregnancy ( ouch!)

I never gave formula a chance. I told myself from the start "I'm going to breastfeed." I didnt get bottles, I donated the formula samples I got & just had a mind set "this is just how it goes"

Andy latched easily from the start, I think the hardest part was finding out how to hold him, especially after a c-section.
Andy & I had some OVER supply problems (I'm talking I could hit Mike from across the room people!) that could have been a big deal if I hadn't had a GREAT support system on line at the time, we figured out the problem & how to fix it in 3 days.

Andy & I battled thrush for 6 MONTHS on & off ( Oh, OUCH!) Luckily for me, the only real problem I've ever had with Andy & nursing is getting him to STOP.

I plan to let him wean himself. He only nurses 1-3 times a day, for a few minutes now. I do a "count to 10" it can go slow, or fast, just depending on ME & then that's it for that session!! I dont see him stopping anytime SOON, but I dont see him going until his next birthday either..

Ryan.. Ah.. I'm pretty sure the only people in the entire hospital that understood "You nursed during your pregnancy?" was myself, Mike & maybe ONE other staff member.

Ryan had NO pees or poops it seems. He was nursing alot, just like Andy did, but because I had no idea where my milk was, was it colostrum, or already milk because I've BEEN producing milk?? I was worried.

I had about 3 nurses speak slowly like I was a moron & no one really helped me out. After tears & consideration we nearly got a bottle of formula for Ryan..

I'm so thankful we didn't! Ryan has never been as obsessive a nurser as Andy was/is. At around 12 months I could have probably weaned him & he wouldn't have cared less, now, at 16 months, he's starting to get into it, at night, for a snuggle.. And that's OK.

Some people don't get how I can do it for "so long" What is "so long" in the span of a life? If my boys live to 100, which I hope they do, 3-4 years of nursing is simply nothing in that span of time to help them get to the age of 100!

I could ramble on about breastfeeding for days, likely. But ultimately, the choice is mine, your choice is yours!

I think breastfeeding is a commitment on the part of both mother AND child. Its a relationship & when one member of that party is dissatisfied, it makes that relationship difficult.

I do however know, that there is no problem that doesn't have a solution in the world of breastfeeding, and that determination & the WANT to breastfeed is the ultimate deciding factor if you will be successful in nursing your baby or not.

To those who have, to those who tried , to those who will & those who want to. Congratulations on making the best choice & giving the best gift, you can ever give your baby!



  1. juliek1994@aol.comAugust 7, 2009 at 1:07 AM

    LOVE this post! I sometimes feel that Maxx and I missed out on some of that special bonding time since I had to stop breastfeeding him at 4 months. I was going thru major medical tests and had to be injected with dye every other week and was never able to build a large enough freezer supply. It broke my heart when he refused my breast after using a bottle. :( I tried to continue to pump and bottle feed but then medicine I had to be put on made that not an option as well. Formula was nasty but I know it was the best option I personally had given my circumstances, my health and being able to take medication so that I could care for my child was important.... I still wish there would have been something I could have done.

  2. Reading this made me feel so very happy and proud of you and what you've accomplished in your life since Andy was born. mom

  3. Ok, now where were you when I had RJ? Oh yeah, high school I think. LOL!! I still dopn't like how the majoprity of people look at me funny, or make comments, about the fact that at 17 months Aubrey still nurses. I think, for a large part, I am letting others influence my desire to wean. We shall see how this all unfolds.


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