Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Eye Dummies

The boys recently received a new plush toy from Big Eye Dummies.

These designer toys are goofy & have interchangeable faces. They are so soft & awfully silly. They come in 6 silly animals, we got to check out the giraffe, Squeaky McGee.

I just missed getting it on video but Andy was changing his eyes & saying "Look he's saadd" then "Ooh! He's happy!" and giggling. So in turn, its also a lesson about emotions & the faces that are made to express each.

Both boys loved McGee. The magnetic facial expression stick easily & come off easily to the plush toy as well as they found, stick to other objects!! ( Our fridge has been sad for a few days now!) These are cute & unique toys unlike other standard plush toys out there. The only down side I found was, I don't love the word dummie. Andy used it later in a conversation & I wasnt a huge fan. However, of the toy itself, we give Big Eye Dummies a thumbs up.

They average a retail price of $19.99-$25.00 each & can be found in several stores, as well as places like Amazon or for order online.


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  1. These are totally something my boys would LOVE! HA! I'm definitely going to look into these!


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