Saturday, August 8, 2009

Better Life

I recently got the chance to check out the Better Life cleaning system, over at Clean Happens.

Little skeptical, of course. I always am!

Better Life was created by 2 dads.. reading this made me let down my wall, just a titch!!

So I decided to read more about these guys..

Better Life formed out of a life–long friendship between the founders. They played as kids, were classmates, and now have kids that are practically hours apart. As parents, Tim and Kevin simply wanted products that’d be good for their kids, your kids, and our planet.

Our household cleaning products aren’t just made for moms and dads; they’re also for Mom Earth. We want a safe place for our families to live in and a safe planet to live on. Better Life products can make that happen. Maybe it’s only a scrubber. Or just a nursery cleaner. Still, the wisdom is spot on: One person can make a difference. That’s how clean happens.

Tim Barklage, Co–Founder / Chief Idealist

Tim has often been described as idealistic and, occasionally, a dreamer in his efforts to make the world a better place. Not the easiest thing to convey on a résumé, but he’s truly lived it. From his early years — being raised in a green home long before it became a lifestyle — Tim’s always believed it’s possible to live a better life. He’s committed his global experience in product development, corporate governance, customer service, marketing and sales to keep the standards high and dress code casual at Better Life.

Kevin Tibbs, Co–Founder / Mad-Skilled Scientist

Kevin is one of the most prolific formulation chemists in the business, having developed over 300 successful products in the past 11 years. He’s the formulator behind many of the products you see in Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, The Home Depot, and numerous other national chains. His products have also been showcased in Good Housekeeping, House Beautiful, and a few million homes.

Kevin spent the last several years specializing in natural skin care products. But it wasn’t until he had kids and started “baby-proofing” his house that he truly realized the harm and danger posed by many cleaning products. It concerned him, not only as a husband and a father, but also as a chemist. Applying his vast knowledge of natural ingredients to household cleaning products, it was a short step to the creation of Better Life.

“Green” and “natural” are trendy buzzwords on many new product labels. Yet, there are no government standards established to define these claims. A lot of companies say “green”, except their idea of green is more about profit than people and planet. It’s tough for consumers to really know what truly makes a product “green”. Rest assured, we’re making sure that you’re getting the safest, most eco–friendly products on the market today. And for the performance… you’ll have to use it to believe it.

Okay so MAYBE I was impressed..but lets put it to the test..

Okay.. help me find the words...



I've used about everything out there, from the basics to the high end to the funky off the wall brands no one has heard of. I even make my own cleaning products so I am one hard monkey to sway!

I am SO in love, I actually want to tell you a bit about each product individually..

Even the Kitchen Sink
- It's actually scent free. I doubted it & expected to smell SOMETHING fuming up at my but there was NOTHING. It didn't leave a spot of residue & it didn't take 5 years to rinse & scrub out of the sink either. I actually stepped back & then stuck my finger back out to check, I was genuinely shocked over this one.

Whatever- Just enough scent, for someone who typically cleans with essential oils to recognize the clean EO scents. It feels clean, your wipe smooths right across. Some cleaners you can feel your rag dragging them across the surface, but this wipes smooth & sleek.No residue, no over powering smell, just pure clean goodness.

Simply Floored
- Holy Crap. I don't know what I liked better, taking a nap while Mike MOPPED or waking up to a floor that felt like someone had just laid it!! Mike was even gloating "feel this FLOOR!!!" (It was pretty hilarious) The lightly scented solution took off Andy's crayon drawing in a snap & left our hard floors feeling squeaky clean, no residue & absolutely amazing shine.

I can see Clearly WOW left my windows perfectly polished.

The coolest parts of this kit ( besides the perfectly amazing tote they all come stashed in) was the selection of TWIST biodegradable sponges that came with it. Yes, biodegradable! AND they work!!!

Reading the back of the package I even got the shock of realizing that I could make a nifty little bird feeder from the very packaging I was holding, take about reuse & reduce!!!

I have to say, Better Life is hands down the best cleaning products I've come across. Period. I've tried some good ones, but Better Life takes the cake! They're available from Clean Happens, directly, but you can also find them at Walgreens online and and many other places as well.

I STRONGLY recommend checking them out, you will be just as shocked as I was, I guarantee it!!

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