Wednesday, August 19, 2009

191 Unlimited {Review}

Ah.. Style. It's a word that's loosely interpreted. However, when it comes to my husband, he has actually said to me before "Why is it that girls shorts are way more comfortable than guys??" When thinking he was funny,put on my jogging shorts.

Funny? Yes. But if you KNOW my husband..not so much. The guy has come a LONG way since we met, I have'd MANY of the items he had when we met ( can we say $2 corduroys from Village Thrift that made his ASS look HUGE??) but he occasionally.. ok, often, needs serious help.

The guys over at 191 Unlimited, decided to help me take on the challenge of spiffing up Mikes wardrobe & sent us 3 of their amazingly gorgeous embellished button down shirts. This is Mikes favorite, he insisted on doing a photo shoot ( complete with Hip Thrust!!) to show off its gorgesness.

I a in love with their embellished details,

I especially love the story of how 191 got started;

"191 Unlimited was founded in 2002 by long time best friends Parth Sharma and Girish Karnani. The two recent college grads took $191 to the casino and won enough money to launch their first 191 Unlimited collection. The duo then loaded their car with samples & started a two month trek from NY to LA and back, stopping in as many cities as possible to show their line. 191 Unlimited now sells in 17 countries and can be found in over 400 stores. Dreams come true..."

Love it. A true success story of how a little will & a lot of want can make your dreams come true.

Check out their amazing line for men AND boys at 191 Unlimited.



  1. juliek1994@aol.comAugust 19, 2009 at 10:08 PM

    Like that shirt! He looks good in it!

  2. mike is so funny. miss you two (four)!


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