Saturday, August 22, 2009

10 Years

Ten years ago I was a tender 15.

I can't really say "tender" with out a grimce, or is it a chuckle?

15.. I likely had some what we'd now call..douche bag boy friend, who was 18, or maybe 19...

I probably thought I loved him too.

I wasn't tender. I was already broken, as I have been more than half my life.

I just wonder..If I could have glimpsed into the future & seen myself tonight...

Would I have laughed? Would I have cried??

I never would do anything different.. very heart break or ache or tear led me to now.

I love now.

I just occasionally wonder..Did I EVER imagine this would be my life?????



  1. To answer honestly, no. For me anyway! I always imagined the college experience, working a few years and settling down to have kids around 30. I imagined travel and hard work. Well, I have the hard work down pat!! I was the last person anyone expected to get married and have kids at 22. Would I change it either? Heck no!

  2. i hope you don't feel broken anymore. i love you and am proud of you.


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