Saturday, August 29, 2009

Plasma Car

I heard about Plasma Cars when Andy was still a baby, I have to admit, I was more interested for myself, than for a growing child.

With all the video & computer games now, its really shocking to see how many kids don't have physical activity in their daily lives.

Plasma Cars are mobile fun for children 3-100 that work based off your own energy, movement & inertia.

This is a mobile toy that's won awards since its come out, that requires the plop of a bum on its seat & the wiggle of hands, nothing else, to send you racing! It holds a weight limit of a whopping 220 pounds( on a smooth surface) and 120 pounds, on a rough surface, like a bumpy road!

We got the chance to check out a plasma car of our own, Check it out!

I think he'll "get it" more when he's older, although he does know that to wiggle means to go. Hes mostly content for now to just push off & glide. Ryan certainly is too young, but he likes to sit on it & pretend!

I have to say, this is one of the coolest toys we've seen yet. Not only does it encourage activity, but as Andy shows, it can be used a few ways. Not only by the wiggle, but Andy is a "race car" in his, and sends himself flying forward with his legs behind him, while steering & adding a wiggle here & there to go a bit further. It steers like "ride on toys" do not. So even for younger children who don't get the "wiggle" as much as older ones, ti still provides entertainment & physical activity.

You can buy a Plasma Car directly for a cost of $69.95. You can also find them at retailers near you.

Check them out on Facebook or their very own Blog. You can also follow them on Twitter. Be sure to check out & subscribe to their blog, as well.


Friday, August 28, 2009

25% off at Bravado through Monday!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know, that using code-


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Shop & save NOW!! This is an excellent deal!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boom Blox Bash Party

We got a chance to check out the new Boom Blox Bash Party for Wii awhile ago.

EA Games has yet again, created a graphically delightful game. Developed with Steven Spielberg, this game has color, chaos, puzzles, explosions and all around alot of different options.

You can check out over 400 levels, play the Ultimate Party Experience, laugh at the tons of funny characters & all around create & knock down some chaotic blocks in this sequel to the original, award winning Boom Blox.

You can now build your own levels, as well as download new levels with a simple press of a button. EA games has created another best selling with this Boom Bash Blox Party game for Wii.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"But She copied ME!!!"

I've been thinking alot about "copying" the last few days. It seems your feelings on copying grow with age.

As a kid, you get awfully pissed & yell when someone copies you, in school, on the playground.

As a teen/young adult, you smugly say "Copying is the highest form of flattery"

As an adult, none of that matters, its simply nice to think that someone liked what you said, or did enough to want to voice it themselves.

I read someones thoughts, which set this process in motion. (Wait, is THAT copying?!) It was sort of.. a complaint, or pet peeve, perhaps of people who "do the same thing you do" What was ironic, was this was written in a place that actually helps lead people into the same business as what this author does.smileys

I posted something about this as a late night thought last night & someone I know gave me a very good reply, I'll be COPYING it right now when I write it to you;

"Its difficult these days to have an original thought because there are so many people on this planet that its more than likely that two or more people think the same at the same time. I completely agree with you. That's what its all about. You never know who you are going to up lift or inspire, or who's life you are going to change by sharing what you have inside of you which is of course original! "

How true! ( You can read more of HER thoughts HERE)

It got me thinking about "who is original" ?

I thought" Authors, of course."
Then I wondered..if I had to sit & write a book today, more than likely I'd be drawing memories out of past books I read. THAT'S copying in a sense!
(Note- I think however, my dad is surely an original writer, as no one could ever think of the weird shit that he has...)

I cant tell you how many drafts of blogs I have started, that are long, thoughtful, drawn out, that I never published only a week later to see a similar thought or story on someone elses page. Thats not copying, as I never even posted mine!

There is the blatant form for word copying, of course, but if say, I wrote a post talking about how women are mean & then 20 minutes later another blogger wrote the same thing, is that copying? Or simply that its something people all think (ha) & we just chose to express it at the same time?

It just goes to show, I suppose, how true it is that no matter how far away, or different people are from one another, thoughts really do travel in circles, so is there really such a think as "copying" anyway??


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Eye Dummies

The boys recently received a new plush toy from Big Eye Dummies.

These designer toys are goofy & have interchangeable faces. They are so soft & awfully silly. They come in 6 silly animals, we got to check out the giraffe, Squeaky McGee.

I just missed getting it on video but Andy was changing his eyes & saying "Look he's saadd" then "Ooh! He's happy!" and giggling. So in turn, its also a lesson about emotions & the faces that are made to express each.

Both boys loved McGee. The magnetic facial expression stick easily & come off easily to the plush toy as well as they found, stick to other objects!! ( Our fridge has been sad for a few days now!) These are cute & unique toys unlike other standard plush toys out there. The only down side I found was, I don't love the word dummie. Andy used it later in a conversation & I wasnt a huge fan. However, of the toy itself, we give Big Eye Dummies a thumbs up.

They average a retail price of $19.99-$25.00 each & can be found in several stores, as well as places like Amazon or for order online.



I haven't just updated whats up in awhile!! Last week was Mikes 1 week vacation before Fall semester so we kept busy with the kids ( and cleaning & preparing for him to be gone TONS)

So,whats been going on.. Can you believe after this semester Mike will be a SENIOR?! I cant. I have a hard time imagining "us as adults" even though well, we ARE adults.
It seems like, while still in school, not working a 9-5, your "not an adult" We play house ( aka rent) and well, as for having the kids.. I mean... Nope.. no jokes there, we really do alot with & for them, LOL.

Ah.. we've been to the Zoo alot lately. For the first time ever, I saw a koala awake. I swear to you, I have never seen them do anything but sleep!

A turtle walked ( painfully!) over to me, and after he collapsed. He barked & nearly made me pee I was so startled.

We took silly pictures..

Ryan has learned to "smile for the camera"

We attempted to take on a new family member.. However Ryan's love of throwing tables,chairs & screeching sent him literally, running out the door. Poor guy, Mike said he bolted when his owner came to pick him up & actually jumped into the back of the SUV ( Which he "cant get into" YET he did..) I guess he didn't like as as much as we liked him scuba diving in Osprey Reef

Max got stoned ( on the nip)

I. for some reason I don't recall, stayed up really late googling funny icons...smileys

Here are my top picks-


We got a new car! ( It has ALOOOTT of buttons. I love it.)

I read a TON of good books- Here are a few I read in ((cough)) the last week....
Best Friends Forever
Vanishing Acts:
The Girlfriend Curse
Sundays at Tiffany's
The Girl Who Stopped Swimming

We did all sorts of stuff this summer!!! Now it seems to be coming to an end.. The students are back in town, the traffic is up, I'm annoyed when I leave the house ( more than usual) and the air is slowly getting cooler.

I gotta say, I can't wait for the fall!!! Buh bye summer!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, August 24, 2009

The Picture You Cant Stop Talking About

Most of us have seen this by now, The Picture You Cant Stop Talking About.

Lizzi Miller, 20 year old model refused to be "touched up" in her recent Glamour photo.

I was so inspired by her courage & love for herself, I actually went on a mission to seek her out. I found she was on FaceBook, and out of late night curiosity sent her a request telling her that,
Yes, I felt silly, as a 25 year old mother & wife writing "fan mail" but I just had to say, what a fabulous job she did & how much her photo is impacting women. That since having kids, going from being skinny as hell to packing on the baby pounds has been a tough thing for me & seeing her reminded me.. "Skinny" & "flawless" isn't the most important thing at all. I really appreciated that reminder!

This drop dead gorgeous about to be over night super model & inspiration to MILLIONS surprised me with a quick note back! ( Seriously, I nearly peed I was so shocked!!!)

Her is her response, I think it should be shared with ALL the ladies out there I know-

"Do not feel silly at all. I always looked through magazines when I was younger, desperately looking for someone that looked like me so I would feel better about myself.
First of all, you are a mother, which is the hardest and most challenging thing anyone could ever do.
Second, try to get exercise and stay healthy for you and your children, but you are beautiful and sexy now-not just when we can be a certain size or way.
The sexiest thing of all on anyone is confidence.
Thank you for writing in. Lizzi"

I asked her if it would be OK to share this message with all of you & she said

"Absolutely.  :).  I was on the Today show, and will be on Access Hollywood and 
CNN today. Imagine!! Lizzi"

Imagine indeed.

Imagine all the girls who will be affected by someone
strong & beautiful who stood up for her own beauty to be show exactly
as she is.

Just imagine!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

10 Years

Ten years ago I was a tender 15.

I can't really say "tender" with out a grimce, or is it a chuckle?

15.. I likely had some what we'd now call..douche bag boy friend, who was 18, or maybe 19...

I probably thought I loved him too.

I wasn't tender. I was already broken, as I have been more than half my life.

I just wonder..If I could have glimpsed into the future & seen myself tonight...

Would I have laughed? Would I have cried??

I never would do anything different.. very heart break or ache or tear led me to now.

I love now.

I just occasionally wonder..Did I EVER imagine this would be my life?????