Monday, July 27, 2009

To know me is..

To love me. But to UNDERSTAND me.

------> LOOK!! Its Mr Winkle!! I've loved him for years....

I just wanted to take a sec to say.. If you dont know me,or havent been reading long enough to "know me" THAT way.. Some of what you might read might seem.. Hm..


Until today the quote that defined me & my life was "My way or the highway."

Today I found a new quote to define myself..

Tact is for people who aren't witty enough to be sarcastic.

I am not tactful. I remember asking my sister once "Why doesnt someone just tell her no one LIKES her??" about this REALLY annoying girl she knew..

I am scarcastic. When I say I dyed my husbands hair to look like some other hot guy.. It doesnt mean I want to be with someone other than my husband. No no, I wouldnt want to inflict myself on anyone but my lovely husband!!!

But honestly, if I cant joke, laugh & be dead honest here, where CAN I be?? If you dont care for it, dont read it. If you take me seriously & think I'm a horrible awful person.. well, your slightly right, but your also kind of stupid. And for that reason, I feel sad for you.

(This was actually one of my first bumper stickers!! The other one said "I'm the baddest fucking monkey in the jungle" )

So I just wanted to say. Well, everything I just did say.
I mean, even my own mother does what I call "the scoff" and says "Your not going to BLOG about that ARE YOU??"
Dont read my blog if you dont want to hear all the things I've always REALLY thought.
So, to ANY one who reads this blog, if they're related to me in any way ( blood, marriage, weird somethings I dont want to know about) or if you just randomly stumbled across my page, or you've been along time reader who is newly shocked or offended.. If you take offense to my jokes, my humor, etc.

Go away.

I'm not going to stop.



  1. I don't think you should stop! :o) I love reading your blog and sometimes I wish I could say things the way you do, because that's how I think 'em.

  2. You are such a bitch, and I admire that! I am glad the real Claire has come out to play :)


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