Sunday, July 12, 2009


So.. I'm not DYING.. I know, thank goodness or who would you all look to for random creepy pictures huh??

I went to see my midwife the other day ( My anonymous commenter, heck no, no more babies for me ANYTIME soon!!) I've been having troubles with the birth control I was on & had stopped & started it recently & was thinking it was causing problems for me even worse.

However, this last week I've been nearly falling asleep when noon-3pm hits, my stomach hurts, I can't sleep, I'm EXTRA irritable, I've gained about 20 pounds in the last 3-4 months.. I keep getting weak & shaky during the day. I chalked it up to long time hypoglycemia, but after carefully planning my eating, that didn't help.

Finally I wondered if it could possibly be something else SO.. after talking with my doctor, she and I are pretty sure I am having thyroid troubles. I hit every single question on the nose, for the symptoms of a thyroid problem so we decided to run some blood tests & see where that winds up.

I'll find out on Monday & we'll go from there. I joked to Mike I actually hope it IS my thyroid & it isnt just that I'm a fat crabby bitch!!!

Anyway, I've been pretty wiped out for close to a month now & the last week & a half its just hit REALLY hard. No, I'm NOT pregnant, I took 2 tests just to be sure, but have to have sex to get pregnant & Mike just ISN'T THAT lucky!!

We've had alot going on.. Sure, it started me just being a lazy ass but then Mikes family came to visit from Florida, then Mike went back to school & I started feeling pretty badly. We've had probably the worst 2 months as couple that we've ever had, these last 2 months & I've been keeping alot of it to myself, holding it in, dragging down because of the weight. I've just been bummed, and then physically feeling worse & worse as time goes on.

BUT!! I'm hoping Monday .. as weird as it sounds, that I DO have a thyroid problem!! At least that means there is a problem that can be FIXED!!

So, there ya go! That's whats going on, Andys birthday bash starts TOMORROW!!! But other than that, I might not be around for awhile until we figure out whats going on & I start to feel better!!

Well, that's all I've got for now!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!



  1. ((((Claire)))) Your symptoms sound very similar to what my mom went through and she has a hypothyroid. I hope you get answers tomorrow and it is a simple fix. =)

  2. I hope that you get some answers to your problem real soon.


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