Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Losing Sight. (Update!)

Since I began blogging I have had a BALL! I've met some awesome people, found some great new companies, tried some amazing things & really enjoyed myself.

However, somewhere along the way I just lost sight of why I was doing this. I started blogging because I like pretending people like to listen to the things I have to say.

The further I get in with these reviews, and giveaways, the less I lose sight of MY blog & the more it just becomes a PR/Giveaway blog.

Which hey!! Is great fun for both myself & my readers, but it isnt what I set out to do.I've been bouncing with this for 2 months now, tell myself to just keep going, try to post more, blah blah..

But dude, I have 2 kids under the age of 3 & a husband who is about as capable as a 2 year old himself half the time. I don't have TIME for "pleasure posts" and business posts BOTH right now, and sorry suckers.. I'd rather be playing with my kids ( Playing Farm Town) or reading books ( eating while I read) or spending time with my husband ( Ha, I dont even have a joke for THAT one!)

I barely get time to post anymore, and when I do, its all "business" The rare days I post something other than a giveaway, no one takes a second glance!

I'm not saying "Boo Hoo Me, no one cares about me" But when you start blogging to TALK, and people like the talk, then they stop caring about the talk & just want the prizes.. well.. It kinda pisses on a gals parade ya know? That isn't what I started my blog for at all!!

So don't get me wrong, those of you who read my blog, or subscribe, or whatever you have to do with me that led you here to be reading this.

I REALLY appreciate it!! I hope that you like what you read & continue to come back.

HOWEEVVERRR.. After July I'm going to be going on a bit of a "Mission for Myself" and attempt to get my blog back to where I want it to be! Yeah, I'll probably still do reviews, and some giveaways & fun stuff, but I just dont want that to be my focus anymore. I want my focus to be back on HELLO THIS IS MY DAMN BLOG.. I can talk & ramble when I wanna!!!

So, thats what I have to say. I have some AWESOME stuff coming up this July, make sure you take the button in the Right corner to get 3 extra entries into all my giveaways this month & help celebrate Andys THIRD birthday!!!!

I hope you'll tune in for my ramblings & nonsense & that you'll stick around even as the prizes & fun slows down. It wont come to a screeching halt, I'm just going to lighten the load for some time to get back to basics.

And hey..if you don't stick around. Well. Fuck You then. I never liked your ass ANYWAY!



  1. Yeah...more Claire ramblings! I enjoy your ramblings. You tell it how it is, and make me laugh girl! Bring it!

  2. Bring it on, I cant wait for Claire ramblings again.

  3. So glad you are going to keep blogging!! That picture is pretty creepy.

  4. Claire, I love your blog with or without the giveaways! I will love to read more of what's on your mind b/c you always make me laugh!

  5. Just ran across your blog. Thought it was funny. I think I'll stick around. :o)

  6. I love you and all your nonsensical ramblings... the giveaways are just a perk (not that I've won anyway! haha)


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