Monday, July 20, 2009

Last Weeks Hike with Kokopax

Last week Andy got to go play with Grandma for an entire day so Mike, Ryan & I decided to put Ryan in the Kokopax and adventure on a walk..

Check us out!

So far, I really like it!!! Its lightweight, portable, and Ryan seems comfortable in it ( once he got used to it of course) The cotton is SO soft & Ryan almost fell asleep watching the ground go by.

The only thing I'd add so far, is a padding on the bars, Ryan's little feet kept bumping into them so I got to hike, holding his feet for awhile! However, I think ALL backpack carriers are like that, so, short of a home made concoction, I'm probably SOL! ..Then again.. Ryan didn't have on maybe I'M at fault here, LOL!!

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