Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kokopax & our Hiking GOAL!

Mike & I have hiked in the local metro parks since we first met. If we hadn't moved so suddenly, our wedding plans were actually to take place at our favorite park!
Someday we plan to do our vow renewal there.

We still go hiking, although not as much, with 2 little kids, its easy to make excuses why we cant go.. It's too hot, a kid needs a nap,but the most common reason we don't go is the lack of carriers to support our rather large children! Believe me, we've gone through more snuggli's, ring slings, pouch slings, Ergos, wraps & mei tais than any woman should ever have to endure but I have BIG babies & they just don't fit well in many typical carriers. Not to mention, I have some back problems, including scoliosis & Mike has a degenerative disc disorder himself! Our backs can only take so much with out proper support, and I just can't get proper support from ties & strings.

Mike & I set a goal... From July 15-August 15th we are going to attempt to walk 3 times a week. We're going to be realistic, and know it might just be the bike & hike behind the house, but at some point through out July & August , we will conquer at LEAST 7 Metro Park Trails WITH the boys.

Lucky for ME.. Kokopax got behind us on this idea & challenged me to actually do it!! Today, they provided us with the carrier we've been needing for Ryan & sent us out on our WAY!!
PS- look at this ADORABLE carrying case it comes in!!!

Come July (well, as soon as it stops RAINING!!), we'll be armed with this amazing carrier, supplied to us by Kokopax, and some serious walking shoes & waters!!

Follow our trip this summer as we walk,hike & trek our way through local parks. You can also save 10% on an order From Kokopax yourself, by using code amuff2009 when ordering from Kokopax.

Stay tuned to see out hiking pictures & hear all about our Kokopax experience this summer!!!!


  1. That carrier looks AWESOME! Good luck and have fun on all your hikes/walks


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