Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Oh please. Like YOU don't think quiche should be spelled that way!! Or better yet.. EGG PIE!!

..That is what I told Andy it was last night. My kid is not a sucker, he was having NONE of the keesh/egg pie crap.

Oh, and I think I under cookedOopsie!!


So.. I'm sure that one weirdo is out there anxiously worrying about my physical health so here's an update on everything in general.

My thyroid is fine. I'm not anemic again. I'm also no pregnant. Apparently I'm just a fat, crabby, sleepy BITCH.

That sucks.

Actually, its been a REALLY rough 2 months for our family. And apparrennttlyyy depression can manifest itself in the form of physical ailments. Oh, and its drinking caffeine that gives me the shakes & weakness. Damn that coffee.....

Blah blah.. I've cut out caffeine.. and And um.. I got back to exercising & told Mike to shape up because I cant be fat.. I'll be single before I'm a fat ass!! ( Kidding!!!!!... Sort of.....)

My mom is on summer vacation & she got took Andy to the dentist for me the other day. Too cool!! Andy had a good time with Gramma & is excited to be seeing more of her this summer!!!
Little guy does have a bit of an over bite (between Mike & I he's lucky his teeth grew in at ALL) and he bit down ( and broke!) a mirror. Ouch!!!

Ryan is a snotty snotty teething mess. It cracks me up how different 2 little boys can be!!!

Andy got an AWESOME water table from his beloved Hailey, Jon & Skye today!!


Mikes is amidst mid terms & I have been attempting to channel my inner Marth Stewart & cook, clean, raid Wall whatever..and not bitch & complain about the lack of appreciation I get.

I'll get back to you in a week on how THAT'S going!!



  1. If there weirdo you are referring to is me...I think you already know me too well :) How many teeth does Ryan have? My one year old still only has 2! I think I should be concerned...
    Ok, GET SLEEP!



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