Friday, July 24, 2009

Jones Soda

When I was a kid, we all hung out "downtown" Part of our walk to our usual destination ( Um..Burger King) involved stopping for a bottle of Jones Soda at the Bottles 101 store down the road from my friends house. We'd all alternate the amazing flavors, or pick by the label photos & talk about how someday we'd send in our own photo!

I havent been into Bottles 101 since I was probably 15, unfortunately, so I dont know if they still have the great selection of flavors that I cant find at any other store. My dream of my own personal bottle has still remained & I still enjoy a cold Cream Soda every chance I can get, although I can only find them in the oh so depressing picture less cans.

Jones decided they wanted to help celebrate Andy's third birthday and make not only it a special day for him, but for ME too!!!!!

Jones amazing creators of pure cane sugar, soda helped us make two twelve packs just for Andy's birthday celebration & I have to say, they are everything I EVER dreamed they would be.

I made the mistake of waiting a bit too long before his birthdate actually arrived so they didnt make it in time for his actual birth date because they had to be carefully prepared & customized but I have to say.. NO ONE minded. They were far & beyond WORTH the wait!!!

Check Andy out!!!!

Here are the reactions we got, when we presented family members with the bottles-

Father In Law- "Whoa, Thats ANDY!!!"

My dad - "How did you DO that?!"

My mom- "Ohmygoooosshh How did you guys do that?? Ooh thats soooo cuuttee!!!"

My friend Katie- "OhmyGOSH Claire thats the cutest thing EVER!! LOOK AT HIM!!!"


Andys great Grandma- "Oh LOOK AT THAT!!! Oh!! COME LOOK!!!"( to her husband)

Andy- words, he just drank the rootbeer & made the face he is making on the bottle, pointed & giggled.

I have loved Jones Soda since I was 12 years old & first discovered it & I can honestly say. no POP, or SODA tastes like Jones does, especially cold right out of those oh-so-sweet bottles!!! I have to say,that the lovelies over at Jones, not only made Andys third birthday extra (cane sugar!) sweet, but they about made a life long dream come true for me! I'll cherish these bottles as long as I live & I have never tasted a drink sweeter, than one with my little mans face on it!!

Did you know that you can get your own personalized Jones Soda for your own occasion,event or just because?? At MyJones, you can order a 12 pack for $29.99 or a 6 pack for $16.99 complete with personilized pictures & messagesd on the back!

They are perfect for weddings, birthdays. promotional events or just because you want your face on the best soda on the face of the Earth!!


  1. How cute are those, I think I am totally going to have to remember that and use this at some point in the future :)

  2. juliek1994@aol.comJuly 26, 2009 at 2:36 AM

    That is so cute! Bet Andy loved it!

  3. That is too cute!



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