Thursday, July 9, 2009

I might be dying.

I think I'm dying.

It's been a week now that I feel weak,shaky, tired, fat, bloated, crampy & just all around HORRIBLE. I blamed it on stopping & starting birth control pills but now, I'm fairly sure its just the fact that I'm dying. ( No bitches, I'm NOT pregnant)

I guess we'll find out, I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to see if they can figure out WTF's up with me.

So.. if it is dying.. I just wanted to say a few things..

-I want each of my boys to have 1/2 of my baby blanket. Yes. I still have one. And I sleep with it MYSELF at night. What??? Just tuck a tiny piece of it in with me as I leave...

-Please, someone make sure my in laws dont come in & try to convert the kids to Bible thumping cult freaks... PLEASE.

-I want Mike to get me cremated & then to put my ashes in food so I live inside of him & the kids (Eww..WTF right?? I read that in a book & have always wanted to use it in something.. Now I have, LOL!)

-I want someone to tell people who really F-ed me in life that my death was somehow their fault. Haha. Make those assholes feel as bad as they made me feel for just a second!!

- Plant a lilac tree for me & huff those babies like there is no tomorrow ( which obviously there wont be for meee!! haha!)

-And I guess, someone giving my family a TON of money would be faboosh b/c Mike will have NO f-ing idea WHAT to do.

SO!! Here's hoping I just have a bladder infection, or am anemic again, or have a growing fungus hidden beneath my big toe that is sucking the life out of me but I'll be FINE as soon as its removed!!!!



  1. i love you, call after the doctor and update me? thinking of you :)

  2. Stopping birth control. Does this mean you are trying for another kid? I hope that you get to filling better soon. I will try to make sure your Inlaws are nice to the kids.

  3. You're a freak, but I love that about you.


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