Friday, July 10, 2009

I dont like.

I've had a loonng bad day today & while in the car I started thinking of a few things that I REALLY don't like.. SO!!
Here they are!!



-Tight skinny pants on guys.
Jonas Brothers Pictures, Images and Photos

Slow, old people drivers.
old people driving Pictures, Images and Photos

-Groundhogs ( They scare me)
groundhog Pictures, Images and Photos

What are some things YOU really don't like??


  1. I love that cartoon! Thanks for the laugh...

  2. I don't like:
    1. waiting rooms with only guy-oriented magazines
    2. ponytails on guys
    3. slow drivers in the left lane who won't let me pass
    4. possums and skunks (they scare ME)
    What are 4 things you really DO like?


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