Sunday, July 19, 2009

I couldnt make this up if I tried...

Seriously. The WEIRDEST things happen to me people. Alright, here it is..So, yep. My nose seriously hurt so after talking to my family doctor, who couldnt get me in, they told me to go to an Urgent Care & get my nose X-rayed. I guess a nose that hurts for (now, going on FOUR) days, makes a clicking nose & is bruised MIGHT be broken.. Hmm.. So..I sat in a med center for 3 hours watching a bazillion & 60 people come in for drug tests. I had no idea that for workmans comp, etc peopleneed to go to places like this for drug tests. I learned more than I ever needed to know about workmans comp, I learned in those 3 hours...

I'm watching some WACKY doctor chatting with the nurses & smiling with another person waiting at he was & HEY!! He ended up being my doctor :-X

So.. He's isn't broken but I hear the click.. lets get an X-ray..he's like..giggly weird ( like he lacks social skills sort of? Or mayeb has NO one to talk to EVER??) and is telling me how horrible medical administration is & how its ruining everything ( it took ALL I had to not be like DAMN THE MAN!! SAVE THE EMPIRE!! to him)

He's like, I'm SO sorry it took so long, I feel so bad you had to wait, I'm going to go deliver this & we'll get you in for an x- ray right away!!

Okey doke.. 15 minutes later hes like "I'm really sorry..I delivered the test & then walked away..if I'd walked in I'd have known sooner.. the tech is on an outside job for a FULL body X-Ray..I have no idea how they even do that but I can tell you, its going to be like, an hour"

I was like "Okey doke I'll go home" hes like "do you think you need something for pain?? You said you were at a FOUR pain wise..RIGHT??" And looks pointedly at me.. (I had told him I was barely a 2, that it was just annoying but I got used to it..) so I'm like "Uh, sure.." and he gives me vicodin as I'm like "so my nose wont heal funny or anything.." and he starts saying "Oh NO, your nose looks GREAT..It's just.. well.. I'll let your husband take a closer look at tell you, but it looks GREAT!"

Okey doke :-X

So then we had a 15 minute talk about Michael JACKSON & he manages to tell me how his 42 year old sister has aspbergers & that "well she isnt doing THAT" (we were talking about adults who remain child like in their lifestyle & how fun she is with little kids [image] ) Then I realized Ahhhhhh.. gotcha. As it clicked so I sat back for another 10 minutes of MJ info swapping.

So its 5:30 and I havent eaten since 11:30 and about to DIE so I just went home instead of the pharmacy & I stepped back outside to take in my house plants, I took them outside for sun today.. and remember FLUFFY??

That the cat that DIED UNDER MY HOUSE?!??!

SHE WALKED UP TO ME!! I about shit myself.. she's dirty & skinny as hell but she starts meowing & whoring all over my legs for love.. I yelled for Mike to come out & he SWEARS she's a ghost..she dissapeared almost a year ago to the DAY!!

So.. I feed her & slip a flea collar on her when I get a sec to corral her & am like..dying in shock.. Mike is like "then WHO THE HELL IS THAT under our PORCH!??!" and points at this...

..what? We thought it was Fluf, so all that remained of her sits as a decoration amongst potted plants

Chuck ( her BABY) Is sitting on Andys window looking like "Mama..MAMA?? IS THAT YOU????"

Then the cat just vanishes. Mikes all " I SWEAR she was a ghost" so I spend 20 minutes calling her & she shows back up.

Check this out..

Here is Fluffy, with Andy.. Andy isnt even 2 here!!!!

Fluf dissapeared for an entire YEAR.. (Our poor neighbor, Bob was so sad, hes on vacation & he's going to crap when he gets home & we tell him!!!) Here is Fluffy yesterday..

My life is WACK... a doo!!!!



  1. Ok, so what the heck IS that THING that you thought was Fluff????? LOL

  2. OMG Claire!! I thought I had a wierd day. You take the flippin' cake. I bow to the strangeness I tell ya!!!


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