Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Andrew Lee!!!!!


At 11pm I started pushing.. and pushing & blah blah blah.. I hadnt gotten to eat ( jerks) since the luna bar I sneaked in the AM & damnit I was EXHAUSTED. Finally I said "OMG GIVE ME A C-SECTION..
NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And we headed off to do so..

You came into the world at 2:19am, weighing 8 lb, 11 ox and at 21 inches long. The first thing my doctor told me was "wow..if I'd known he was that big I'd have done this earlier!!!" You seemed pretty big at the time ( if only they'd have met your brother huh???)
You had such a cone shaped head from a long 3 hours of pushing your daddy later told me "I was scared you BROKE him!!!" I heard a tiny cry, saw Mikes tears & you were just glimpsed to me.

I assured Mike to go with you & I watched the clock, laying on a cold table, shaking uncontrolably as they tried to find a medication to make my quakes stop. I was so terrified that as long as the time was taking, you wouldnt know who I was & tears rolled down my face.

Finally, 45 minutes later I was wheeled in to see you peeing on your dad, after a bath that I hadnt wanted to be given.

I laid there & some bitchy nurse kept you until my mom said "HELLO.. CAN SHE HAVE HIM!!" I was just in shock...

They handed you to me...For the FIRST time I got to hold you!!!!

You were, a great nurser from the start!! I refused to give you a pacifier, determined to make it work & was given rude comments by even the doctors. The nurses steered me wrong & the 3 (and Grandma!!) spent a hellish next 3 days with no one sleeping more than an hour at a time. I couldnt move, I was in so much pain & Andy.. you just wanted to nurse & that was IT. Dad loved you from the second he laid eyes on you, but he had just lost his own dad, so he wasnt exactly SUPER helpful, he got a bit angry with me sometimes I think. I dont think either of us prepared for the fact that I wouldnt be able to move myself even to pee for the first 18 or so hours. Dad really had to do it ALL!!!! We'd all been up a LONG time & holy crap.. WE HAD A BABY!!!!! I was so determinded to do it ALL MYSELF.. I have to say, it was a tearful few days for me Andy.

An angel, in the form of a nurse came back after 2 days off & gaped at me "Honey..have you STILL not slept??" as I tearfully nursed you. She sat there a minute & then asked "what are you doing??" which I switched sides, as they all told me to do. "I'm changing sides for him..they said 10 minutes one side, and 15 another"

This sweet woman, who made more of a difference than she wilL EVER know says "Oh NOOO.. Let him go til hes done!!!" And sat there, for 50 minutes until you smacked your lips off of my breast & fell into the deepest sleep you'd had since you left the womb.

Sweet ..Peace.. This fabulous nurse made sure I got let out a bit earlier than I might have been otherwise & we headed home!!!!

Andy heading home from the hospital!

Did you know, I didnt change your diaper until you were between 4-5 days old?!?!?! Yep!!! In fact, when I did, you projectile POOPED & my first mommy instinct kicked in & for some reason... I caught it.

Then I stood there & yelled "MMAAAAAMMMMMM" I'm not ashamed. Thats what mothers are there for, to teach their daughters!!! She came & helped me & well.. Andy.. if I said that was the last time we had apoop incident, I'd be lying with a hopeful cause.

Your daddy went out & bought a brand new bed for us. I couldnt even get myself in & out of the bed we'd been using from Mikes family since we moved down to FL..YOUR the reason for our first big furniture purchase & I'm glad to say, your dad spared no expense!!

Andy.. I tried to get you to sleep in the co-sleeper, but I'd wake up at night & find myself an hour later, passed out with you on top of me.. IN BED. So.. I got the bright idea to sleep with you. Ah yes. the beginning of the end!!

Sore painful arms & concoctions of beds & co sleeperes to ensure you wouldnt fall off the bed.. (and about 4 weeks later!!!) we found a perfect bed rail & ahh.. we SLEPT.

You had many blow outs on our new bed, thankfull daddy was usually at work so I snuck those by him!! ((shhh)) You bonded with your grandmas & you even took a big trip to Tampa to see your Aunt Mischa & Uncle Matt in your newborn stage!!!

And here we are Andy. I just kissed you good night & you asked for another hug & told me good night. I'll never kiss you as a 2 year old ago. Tomorrow I will kiss you as a THREE year old!!!

-You are one of a kind.
-You are one of the most polite people ( of ANY age) I have met ( when you want to be!!!)
-You hate messes & thats OK!!
-You are still a nursing fanatic. My goal with you was 3 years. The AAP recommends 2 years, but I'm a snob & wanted to one up everyone. I was so worried I'd stolen your babyhood when I found out we were having Ryan, but damnit, you stuck through it!! ( but remember son, almost no kids go to preschool nursing.. okay??)
-You say funny things like "Are you cleaning Dads poop??" when I'm cleaning the bathroom.
-Your frantically loving & excitable.
--You are so loving, sweet, thoughtful, sensitive & KIND.
One day a few months ago I was having a bad day & you held my head, stroked my hair & said "You sad Mommy??" I said "Yeah Andy, I guess I am!" and told me "Its ok Mommy.. Its ok..Dont you be sad" and rubbed my hair. The sheer bittersweetness of the monet was so much I picked my head up,looked at you and said "Andy, ya know what? I'm not sad anymore!!" and you gave me the sweetest kiss. I then realized exactly how sweet & sensitive you truly are & that is a quality I know you'll NEVER lose.
-You always ask the sweetst ways that make saying NO impossible "I DUMP it????" "Can I touch it???" with the up turn of your voice.. You stinker, cut it out!!!
-I love your Andy talk, your jokes, your phrases..

Andy I love everything about you.. I've been SO excited for your birthday until tonight, when I kissed & hugged you good night. Now the bittersweet sets in & I do feel a bit sad. You will never be two years old again, but Andrew Lee.. You will ALWAYS be my baby.

I love you Andy Roo!!!



  1. So sweet (minus the poop)! Happy Birthday, Andy!

  2. sniffle!! Happy birthday little man!

  3. Dang it,'ve got me crying over here! Happy THIRD birthday to your sweet baby boy!

  4. Juliek1994@aol.comJuly 17, 2009 at 4:15 PM

    SO sweet! I loved reading that!


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