Sunday, July 26, 2009

Giggle Giggle GIGGLE

My DARLING husband doesn't read my blog. He occasionally lies & says he does but ..I'm not stupid. The guy couldn't find it if his life depended on it.

SO! On THAT note...

I saw a hot blonde guy the other day.. And I've been drooling over Sexy FLEXY from Daisy of Love for um..EVER now..

So, I of course am like "Hey Mikey..lets dye your hair!!"

Uh hello.. I can pretend my husband is like, 2 different guys in one day, what a way to spice things up RIGHT??

SSSooo On goes the BLEACH.

And then a dye.. Oops..that dye was too light compared to the bleach ..

So on goes a nice sandy blonde..

Wait.. yikes... Your hair was practically black my darling hubby just looks um..kinda washed out.. or cracked out.. with his pale-ish skin & reddish under eyes from lack of sleep....


I guess I'm off to watch Daisy of Love & pray that cracked out whore doesn't pick my future ex husband & he goes on to find someone who doesnt look like a coked out transvestive with man hands..( aka me if I ever become single.. which will, like NEVER happen because yeess I do love my husband)

PS- Last time it was Chad from Tila Tequila.. I guess its my inner "If I hadn't settled down I'd proabbly be one of those idiot skanks on a reality show" coming out....

PPS- WHAT!!! Like YOU dont LOOK!! I may be married but I'm sure as hell not dead.. Hypocrite.


  1. Ok I love you post. I love it.You sound like me, well what i think, not say or write, you are super brave to post.

  2. I so cannot believe that Daisy picked nasty London...what was she thinking?

  3. He is really sexy and that nasty little skank didn't even pick him!!


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