Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flip UltraHD (Review) DAY TWO

If you ask any parent, the one item ( not baby oriented, of course) that is a must have when you become a parent, anyone will tell you a camcorder is a MUST. You can capture first steps, first words & literally, a lifetime of firsts.

Mike & I have just been using the video setting on out digital camera while we've looked for a camcorder that's in our price range with the options we want.

The people over at Flip have graciously sent us the new Flip UltraHD model to capture our moments on for Andys third birthday!

This easy to use handheld HD camera has one touch recording ( Perfect for moms balancing one while trying to capture the others moments!) and up to 120 minutes of record time. Thats alot of first steps, first words, sneezes, falls & giggles!!!

I'm going to share my likes, dislikes & a sample video of clips recorded with the Flip UltraHD so you can learn & see more for yourself.

The Flip Ultra & Flip UltraHD has the small dimensions of 4.24' x 2.19" x 1.17" Its PERFECT for slippin in a pocket on your way out the door, be it to a vacation or just in the back yard.

You can plug the Flip Ultra directly into your TV & watch your videos in amazing HD quality with a HDMI output cable, great for sharing with grandparents & relatives when your visiting!

This brings up one of my FAVORITE features!! There are no cords, or plug ins or batteries. the flip, LITERALLY Flips & is plugged into your USB port. It charges off your computer!! No cords to tangle, or even worse, lose! No batteries to charge or replace & it has an AMAZING charge hold. I've charged my Flip once in the month I've had it, thats it!!!

The Flip is preloaded with FlipShare, so no installing CDs, messing with programs & needing to learn all the nonsesne, it just does it all but for you! The software, which works on a Mac or a PC contains the ability to save, organize & edit your videos, email & make video greeting cards. You can also upload directly to MySpace of YouTube!!

One of my favorites is that you can capture shapshots, in HD from your videos, so that perfect grin you got can also be framned & set on your work desk. FlipShare also allowed you to order DVDs & have them shipped anywhere, world wide!!

We took the Flip with us to see the Budweiser Horses, to capture Ryan learning how to make himself dizzy, to even taking nature shots to see how amazing the HD feature really is. Check out some of the footage the Flip UltraHD provided for us-

For the price, this is a GREAT camera. My only complaint is the lack of zoom.You basically need to be right on top of your focus & it doesnt have the skills to zoom in or away that I'd typically like. However, as I said, for the price, it really cant be beat for your basic, on the go, quick simple camcorder!

We will, of course, be using the Flip to capture Andy's 3rd birthday events & I'm quite sure, every special event & even NON special event here after!!!

Flip products are available at Amazon,Best Buy, Target, TheFlip.com, Walmart & many other retail stores for a SRP of $199.99, which is EXTREMELY affordable for those who dont think they can afford a camcorder right now.

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  1. That thing is so cool!!!! We never use our video camera because it is so big and a pain to take along.


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