Monday, July 20, 2009

Cloud B

Ahh sleep. Something I never knew I'd miss until I was missing it NOT by choice!!!

Andy is a horrible sleeper. This is likely our fault, the kid didnt sleep anywhere but someones chest until he was a good couple months old, and even then, he slept ..well.. on my chest while I watched a TV show..

Wait..this isn't about me.. So anyway!

Long story short, my kids dont sleep super fabulous. We've tried it all & time & time again, the solutions that have helped the best all come from Cloud B.
Twlight Turtle, Lavendar Lab..

I think every parent has seen the ads in ever popular parenting magazine & many have tried Cloud B products with tons of success themselves.

The Turtle was the
first thing that we found that caused Andy to give good night kisses, pick up his turtle & crawl into bed. Its been AMAZING. However, he seems to wake easily so we were suggested a white noise machine.

The gracious folks over at Cloud B sent us their new
Gentle Giraffe on the Go. Its an adorably sleepy giraffe with a built in noise scape machine. It has a volume control, 2 timer settings and 4 soundscapes to choose from.Safari Groove, Gentle Stream, Safari Trail and Victoria Falls.

I personally like Safari Groove for myself, however Andy & Ryan have been trading off with the GG at night and Andy agrees with me, but Ryan sleeps best with gentle stream playing.

We absolutely LOVE it. Ryan falls asleep & stays asleep through more background noise than ever. The only con I found was, it can be set for 23 or 45 minutes & often, when the 45 minutes is up, Ryan will wake up occasionally.I'd love it to have a longer time option, or not go off until manually turned off!

I've been using it when I go to bed ( in the same room as Ryan) at night & its been helping even me, drift off to sleep! I absolutely love this soft, sweet Giraffe & its another top notch product from Cloud B!

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  1. Oh man I was sold on that until I read the timer thing. That stinks. Kayden has to have his on all night.


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