Monday, July 27, 2009

Bravado (Review)

I have been pregnant AND OR nursing since Fall of 2005. When it comes to bras, I know nothing outside of nursing bras. I think I've worn "regular" bras all of 3 days in the last 4 years. Once to a wedding and once due to the type of top I was wearing
( obviously, sans child!)I hate the drive to the mall to find a maternity store, I despise the nursing bras for sale at places like Macy's or Target. I am picky & hard to please.

The bras I find I wear to death ( literally!!!) and even then, they aren't the most comfortable thing, but they definitely, are a must! I'd rather sacrifice my comfort for the ease of a nursing bra.

When I got the chance to try out Bravados Body Silk Seamless Nursing bra, it was literally like a breath of fresh air. My uncomfortable tight yet loose feeling nursing bras were gone & literally, I could BREATHE! It was as if I was wearing nothing at all!!! Not only could I snap them open quickly but OMG..It was comfortable!!!!! I couldnt believe it! I had the support of a bra, the functiopn of a nursing bra & the comfort of nothing at all.

Surely this was a dream.

NOPE! It was a Bravado Body Silk!!

Its available in 5 colors, including the gorgeous new Lip Gloss color that I checked out & when they say Body Silk, they aren't lying!! The slippery smooth & soft fabric its made of slides over your skin & hugs you just softly enough to be comfortable, yet supportive enough to , well. support! The color, the texture, the coverage is undoubtable the best I've come across in bras since I started shopping for them many years ago.

Bravados nursing bras & tanks are the #1 must have for any nursing mothers comfort. I don't think I will ever be able to wear another nursing bra.

I love that Bravado not only have a huge selection of nursing & maternity bra,s but they carry tanks & even undies! I LOVE their selection of sorta' sexy bras.. Its awfully hard to feel attracticve when your pregnant or nursing, much less with the ugly ugly undies that are required, but Bravado actually makes some pretty gorgeous embellished bras and this Fall they are premiering 2 HOT new designs, Allure & Sublime, that I will be first in line for!

Bravado is currently having a HUGE contest with the winning prizes totaling over $2100 in Bravado apparel & baby must have items from companies like Earth Mama Angel Baby, to SVAN to gDiapers & Belly Bar!!

Go HERE to enter & be sure to come back and tell me which of their giveaway prizes you lust after most.

Nursing is second nature, and while it doesnt come natural for everyone, for those who it does, it can really be a downer looking at the clothes, bras & accessories that make nursing so simple. Thanks to Bravado, not only can moms find comfortable bras & tanks, but they can find bras that make them feel as beautiful as they are!!

Why limit pretty bras to department stores & lingerie specialty shops?? Bravado makes nursing bras just as gorgeous as the moms who wear them!



  1. i'm so greedy, I want it all!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the info, Claire! I've heard about these since I had Nicholas, but I still have yet to buy one! Glad to hear another positive report on it! :)


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