Tuesday, July 28, 2009

At what age..

Do you no longer get away with this??

Child- "No I don't want THIS one"
Parent- "Ok"
((walk into other room.. come back & hand them the same thing ))
Parent - "Here is a new one"
Child- "Thank you."

Seriously.. how much longer will this one work for???



  1. LOL, I have no clue but you sure cracked me up. I may have to use that on my kids, even though they're 17 and 19. :o)

  2. It doesn't work on Lilli...but I don't think it ever did! It works on Delaney, though!

  3. OK so i am 28 posts behind (don't worry I luuuurrrvvveee you with or without giveaways!) ESPECIALLY since I have never won one HMPH! LOL

    I am LMAO at this post as that it the way it has been with underware here. Hehehe tighty whiteys for my boy

    And since i am too lazy to scroll back up OH M GEE WTF was your hubby thinking!!!! Your poor poor boy! I murdered my 4 yr old's hair once and my 1 yr old neeeeds a cut but it will wait as once that hair is gone your right so is the baby face. sniff sniff Even with his mucked up hair cute the pics from one day with the long front to that chopped up mess there is no more baby look now. sniff sniff

  4. you have approval on or did my witty comment get deleted? Hmph


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