Thursday, July 16, 2009

3 years ago TODAY..

..I woke up at 5:30 am. After not much sleep, of course & some serious anxiety they'd cancel me again, and lugged off to the hospital all of 3 blocks down the road.

We saw one of the kittens that had been in the back yard for weeks dead on the road, which my delightful husband pointed out to an un noticing me. Got to the birth center, Mike was on so thrilled to use the "special parking" of course, and we headed inside.

They started saline, a bit of pitocin..It was all fun & games of course.

Talking on the phone..

Sneaking Luna bars..

There is really no title for this one...

AND THEN.. Bitch came & broke my water.. left me to sit in glorified piss for an hour & I got PISSED ( no pun intended)

Ah yes.. At 11 am my water was broken.. That was gross. I mean..gross..My doctor ( a former USAF doctor) and I both heard the pop & then I got to sit on a doggie pee pad for close to 2 hours while I felt like I was going to get diaper rash if I sat much longer!!

Some time later, I went for a walk..

After that, I hopped in a jacuzzi tub.. Sat there in a hospital gown feeling stupid as heck & annoyed as hell. Got out & laid back down. Meanwhile, Mike was watching Law & Order, or out at Taco Bell, or napping. He was a FABULOUS support person @@ Luckily my mom was there, un luckily, she was trying to stay out of Mikes way & Mike was trying to stay out of her way & I was alone, in pain & fucking peeved.

Around 4 something I said something to the likes of "for shits sake gimme something" and I was given SOMETHING..Not sure what.. Fuck this no pain emdication SHIT. Go you home birthing, natural mamas, more power to ya but uhm.. I'm GOOD with some serious drugs!!!

Few hours LATER.. I said "FOR FUCKS SAKE GIVE ME AN EPIDURAL..NOOOWWWW" and a sweet angel in the form of a man with a big box came & made me very numb, loopy & happy.

This is where I call my sister & mumble something or other about how i HIGHLY recommend epidurals.. something..

Suddenly its 11pm!! Apparently I'm "ready to go" so the nurse has me start pushing while we wait for the doctor to arrive. Push, push, fucking push.. My doctor shows up 15 minutes later & lets be real.. I cant feel anything from my ass down. I mean.. You could probably shoot me in the leg & I'd be like "is that all you GOT???" I can't even MOVE my BUTT down the bed. I'm as good as useless.

So whatever, the doc shows up..and we give the push a heave ho.. I'm watching this damn clock next to me & the hours are creeping on.. its 12... Its 1.. on for CRAPS SAKE.. Its 2 in the fucking morning & I am EXHAUSTED & REALLY pissed at hearing not my pushing just basically sucks (yet again, NO pun intended...)

Finally I say....

Wait.. what DO I say??

I guess you'll have to tune in tomorrow to find out!!!!


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