Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3 years ago today...

I woke up at 5:30 AM. I had my bags packed, we got dressed & headed to walk out the door for my induction with Mr. Andy Man!! Andy was supposed to arrive the first week of July.. and by the time July 14th came, I caved & said "Yes. Induce me."

Just as I slung my purse over my shoulder, the phone rang.. Wait.. WHAT??

"WTF do you MEAN we have to postpone it until TOMORROW?? Someone had an emergency?? Shheiit..I'm 2 weeks over due.. THIS is an EMERGENCY!!! Figure it out bitch before I KILL my husband AND mother!!!!"

In reality, I just said "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow then." And burst into tears & spent the day moping. It had been really hard for me to decide to be induced & had picked THAT day specifically ( it was an odd/even number thing..I REALLY didn't want Andy born on a certain day, I'm weird.)

Mike & I went to dinner at Sweet Tomato's and went to bed early.. after all..TOMORROW was going to be an important day!!



  1. Happy (early) birthday, Andy!!! Enjoy your special day!

  2. aww happy birthday to your son!!! My daughter just turned 3 this month as well. it looks like you've had 2 under 2 up until now just like me..hehehe don't feel too bad about being induced, I had to have 3 picked c-sections.

  3. I remember waiting for Andy to arrive. I tried not to call five times a day, Mom was so bored in Florida she was calling to tell me about your neighbor's trees. You guys were eating spicy food and salsa to try to hurry Andy up. Then he was here and I was worried that my litle sister be ok and scared about the c-section and excited to be an Aunt. I love you guys and am so glad to be an Aunt to Andy (and Ryne too!)

  4. Little did you know what was to come..... thinking you were just headed off to be induced and get that baby out.... a LLLLOOOONNNNGGG time later, I was SSOOO thrilled to be there sharing that time with you and Mike-thank you for that. Love you all,


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