Thursday, July 30, 2009

What is..

Equivalent to 500 screaming whiny children???

Give up??


See ya guys in a few more days!!!!!!!!!!


3 Winners!

Here are the final 3 winners from Andys birthday bash,as chosen by!

Child to Cherish-

Kayla said... 2

I follow your blog

$50 Fortune Cookie Certificate-

providense said... 10

I put this one on FB too!

Tea Set from Green Toys-

Anonymous said... 58

We use recycled milk containers as the main ingredient in creating our toys.


Congratulations everyone!!! I'll be in touch with you shortly! Thanks to all who entered & the great companies for sponsering these giveaways as well.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

At what age..

Do you no longer get away with this??

Child- "No I don't want THIS one"
Parent- "Ok"
((walk into other room.. come back & hand them the same thing ))
Parent - "Here is a new one"
Child- "Thank you."

Seriously.. how much longer will this one work for???


Graco Diaper Bag Winners ( 4 winners)

Alright. I've used to draw FOUR winners for the Graco Diaper bag, in the Darius design & here they are!!

sierra said... 15

2 extra entry

Jess said... 32

following your blog!

star790623 said... 10

I follow you :)

Anne said... 51

twitter follower amolino

Interesting fact, Jess, your name came up THREE times & Sierra, you won twice as well!!!

Congratulations ladies! I'll be in touch shortly!!!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Bravado (Review)

I have been pregnant AND OR nursing since Fall of 2005. When it comes to bras, I know nothing outside of nursing bras. I think I've worn "regular" bras all of 3 days in the last 4 years. Once to a wedding and once due to the type of top I was wearing
( obviously, sans child!)I hate the drive to the mall to find a maternity store, I despise the nursing bras for sale at places like Macy's or Target. I am picky & hard to please.

The bras I find I wear to death ( literally!!!) and even then, they aren't the most comfortable thing, but they definitely, are a must! I'd rather sacrifice my comfort for the ease of a nursing bra.

When I got the chance to try out Bravados Body Silk Seamless Nursing bra, it was literally like a breath of fresh air. My uncomfortable tight yet loose feeling nursing bras were gone & literally, I could BREATHE! It was as if I was wearing nothing at all!!! Not only could I snap them open quickly but OMG..It was comfortable!!!!! I couldnt believe it! I had the support of a bra, the functiopn of a nursing bra & the comfort of nothing at all.

Surely this was a dream.

NOPE! It was a Bravado Body Silk!!

Its available in 5 colors, including the gorgeous new Lip Gloss color that I checked out & when they say Body Silk, they aren't lying!! The slippery smooth & soft fabric its made of slides over your skin & hugs you just softly enough to be comfortable, yet supportive enough to , well. support! The color, the texture, the coverage is undoubtable the best I've come across in bras since I started shopping for them many years ago.

Bravados nursing bras & tanks are the #1 must have for any nursing mothers comfort. I don't think I will ever be able to wear another nursing bra.

I love that Bravado not only have a huge selection of nursing & maternity bra,s but they carry tanks & even undies! I LOVE their selection of sorta' sexy bras.. Its awfully hard to feel attracticve when your pregnant or nursing, much less with the ugly ugly undies that are required, but Bravado actually makes some pretty gorgeous embellished bras and this Fall they are premiering 2 HOT new designs, Allure & Sublime, that I will be first in line for!

Bravado is currently having a HUGE contest with the winning prizes totaling over $2100 in Bravado apparel & baby must have items from companies like Earth Mama Angel Baby, to SVAN to gDiapers & Belly Bar!!

Go HERE to enter & be sure to come back and tell me which of their giveaway prizes you lust after most.

Nursing is second nature, and while it doesnt come natural for everyone, for those who it does, it can really be a downer looking at the clothes, bras & accessories that make nursing so simple. Thanks to Bravado, not only can moms find comfortable bras & tanks, but they can find bras that make them feel as beautiful as they are!!

Why limit pretty bras to department stores & lingerie specialty shops?? Bravado makes nursing bras just as gorgeous as the moms who wear them!


The Pretty Peacock Winner

Here is my winner for the gorgeous pendant from The Pretty Peacock-

Anne said... 18 tweet

Congratulations Anne!! I'll be in contact with you shortly!


To know me is..

To love me. But to UNDERSTAND me.

------> LOOK!! Its Mr Winkle!! I've loved him for years....

I just wanted to take a sec to say.. If you dont know me,or havent been reading long enough to "know me" THAT way.. Some of what you might read might seem.. Hm..


Until today the quote that defined me & my life was "My way or the highway."

Today I found a new quote to define myself..

Tact is for people who aren't witty enough to be sarcastic.

I am not tactful. I remember asking my sister once "Why doesnt someone just tell her no one LIKES her??" about this REALLY annoying girl she knew..

I am scarcastic. When I say I dyed my husbands hair to look like some other hot guy.. It doesnt mean I want to be with someone other than my husband. No no, I wouldnt want to inflict myself on anyone but my lovely husband!!!

But honestly, if I cant joke, laugh & be dead honest here, where CAN I be?? If you dont care for it, dont read it. If you take me seriously & think I'm a horrible awful person.. well, your slightly right, but your also kind of stupid. And for that reason, I feel sad for you.

(This was actually one of my first bumper stickers!! The other one said "I'm the baddest fucking monkey in the jungle" )

So I just wanted to say. Well, everything I just did say.
I mean, even my own mother does what I call "the scoff" and says "Your not going to BLOG about that ARE YOU??"
Dont read my blog if you dont want to hear all the things I've always REALLY thought.
So, to ANY one who reads this blog, if they're related to me in any way ( blood, marriage, weird somethings I dont want to know about) or if you just randomly stumbled across my page, or you've been along time reader who is newly shocked or offended.. If you take offense to my jokes, my humor, etc.

Go away.

I'm not going to stop.


Oh Flex..

Well, as we all know. Daisy of Dumbass didnt pick Flex, she of course, picked her inner soul matched London.

And thats OK!! Flex is way too hot for that trainwreck anyway.

HOWEVER.. He's dating Brianna Frost, a stripper/porn type'a chick who according to Wikipedia, and the world, is an absolute moron.. er.. from some MTV show I've never heard of & Howard Stern.

((sigh)) I'm over Flex now. I just cant have a fantasy about a guy who digs a girl like um.. THAT.

What reality shows are coming up that I'll have to pick a new future ex husband from???


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Giggle Giggle GIGGLE

My DARLING husband doesn't read my blog. He occasionally lies & says he does but ..I'm not stupid. The guy couldn't find it if his life depended on it.

SO! On THAT note...

I saw a hot blonde guy the other day.. And I've been drooling over Sexy FLEXY from Daisy of Love for um..EVER now..

So, I of course am like "Hey Mikey..lets dye your hair!!"

Uh hello.. I can pretend my husband is like, 2 different guys in one day, what a way to spice things up RIGHT??

SSSooo On goes the BLEACH.

And then a dye.. Oops..that dye was too light compared to the bleach ..

So on goes a nice sandy blonde..

Wait.. yikes... Your hair was practically black my darling hubby just looks um..kinda washed out.. or cracked out.. with his pale-ish skin & reddish under eyes from lack of sleep....


I guess I'm off to watch Daisy of Love & pray that cracked out whore doesn't pick my future ex husband & he goes on to find someone who doesnt look like a coked out transvestive with man hands..( aka me if I ever become single.. which will, like NEVER happen because yeess I do love my husband)

PS- Last time it was Chad from Tila Tequila.. I guess its my inner "If I hadn't settled down I'd proabbly be one of those idiot skanks on a reality show" coming out....

PPS- WHAT!!! Like YOU dont LOOK!! I may be married but I'm sure as hell not dead.. Hypocrite.


Think I'm
Going Nuts.

As in

Beyond the point of no return.
Mad as a hatter.
Flipped out.
Bats in the belfrey.


Better now.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Jones Soda

When I was a kid, we all hung out "downtown" Part of our walk to our usual destination ( Um..Burger King) involved stopping for a bottle of Jones Soda at the Bottles 101 store down the road from my friends house. We'd all alternate the amazing flavors, or pick by the label photos & talk about how someday we'd send in our own photo!

I havent been into Bottles 101 since I was probably 15, unfortunately, so I dont know if they still have the great selection of flavors that I cant find at any other store. My dream of my own personal bottle has still remained & I still enjoy a cold Cream Soda every chance I can get, although I can only find them in the oh so depressing picture less cans.

Jones decided they wanted to help celebrate Andy's third birthday and make not only it a special day for him, but for ME too!!!!!

Jones amazing creators of pure cane sugar, soda helped us make two twelve packs just for Andy's birthday celebration & I have to say, they are everything I EVER dreamed they would be.

I made the mistake of waiting a bit too long before his birthdate actually arrived so they didnt make it in time for his actual birth date because they had to be carefully prepared & customized but I have to say.. NO ONE minded. They were far & beyond WORTH the wait!!!

Check Andy out!!!!

Here are the reactions we got, when we presented family members with the bottles-

Father In Law- "Whoa, Thats ANDY!!!"

My dad - "How did you DO that?!"

My mom- "Ohmygoooosshh How did you guys do that?? Ooh thats soooo cuuttee!!!"

My friend Katie- "OhmyGOSH Claire thats the cutest thing EVER!! LOOK AT HIM!!!"


Andys great Grandma- "Oh LOOK AT THAT!!! Oh!! COME LOOK!!!"( to her husband)

Andy- words, he just drank the rootbeer & made the face he is making on the bottle, pointed & giggled.

I have loved Jones Soda since I was 12 years old & first discovered it & I can honestly say. no POP, or SODA tastes like Jones does, especially cold right out of those oh-so-sweet bottles!!! I have to say,that the lovelies over at Jones, not only made Andys third birthday extra (cane sugar!) sweet, but they about made a life long dream come true for me! I'll cherish these bottles as long as I live & I have never tasted a drink sweeter, than one with my little mans face on it!!

Did you know that you can get your own personalized Jones Soda for your own occasion,event or just because?? At MyJones, you can order a 12 pack for $29.99 or a 6 pack for $16.99 complete with personilized pictures & messagesd on the back!

They are perfect for weddings, birthdays. promotional events or just because you want your face on the best soda on the face of the Earth!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


..How I have felt ALL day...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Graco Giveaway ( 4 winners)

Every mom needs a great diaper bag. One that can be a purse, a diaper bag & a holder of all things mother in one. The great people over at Graco have offered four Darius diaper bags for us to giveaway to you.
Features of Darius Diaper bag include:

Insulated bottle pocket.

Side mesh pocket.

Wet/Dry pouch included.

22x22 inch changing pad included.

Wipes case included.

Easy to clean interior.

Lots of pockets & places to store items.

Enter to win one of these 4 great bags by linking me what is your FAVORITE Graco product.. Is it their great safety rated infant seat?? The most perfect play yard ever?? Link me!

Extra entries, after the above required is fulfiulled can be gained by;

-Following Me.
-Follow me on Twitter.
-Tweet about this Giveaway.
-Blog about this giveaway.



..EACH Birthday bash giveaway by a WEEK!! Get your entries in people!!! =)


Happy Birthday Dad!


I hope you had a great day!

Thanks for always taking care of pincher bugs.
spider Pictures, Images and Photos
and all things gross.

gross Pictures, Images and Photos

Your a GREAT dad & a AWESOME Grandpa!! I love you Dad!!!


Last Weeks Hike with Kokopax

Last week Andy got to go play with Grandma for an entire day so Mike, Ryan & I decided to put Ryan in the Kokopax and adventure on a walk..

Check us out!

So far, I really like it!!! Its lightweight, portable, and Ryan seems comfortable in it ( once he got used to it of course) The cotton is SO soft & Ryan almost fell asleep watching the ground go by.

The only thing I'd add so far, is a padding on the bars, Ryan's little feet kept bumping into them so I got to hike, holding his feet for awhile! However, I think ALL backpack carriers are like that, so, short of a home made concoction, I'm probably SOL! ..Then again.. Ryan didn't have on maybe I'M at fault here, LOL!!

Don't forget, you can save 10% on your Kokopax order by using code- amuff2009 !!!


Cloud B

Ahh sleep. Something I never knew I'd miss until I was missing it NOT by choice!!!

Andy is a horrible sleeper. This is likely our fault, the kid didnt sleep anywhere but someones chest until he was a good couple months old, and even then, he slept ..well.. on my chest while I watched a TV show..

Wait..this isn't about me.. So anyway!

Long story short, my kids dont sleep super fabulous. We've tried it all & time & time again, the solutions that have helped the best all come from Cloud B.
Twlight Turtle, Lavendar Lab..

I think every parent has seen the ads in ever popular parenting magazine & many have tried Cloud B products with tons of success themselves.

The Turtle was the
first thing that we found that caused Andy to give good night kisses, pick up his turtle & crawl into bed. Its been AMAZING. However, he seems to wake easily so we were suggested a white noise machine.

The gracious folks over at Cloud B sent us their new
Gentle Giraffe on the Go. Its an adorably sleepy giraffe with a built in noise scape machine. It has a volume control, 2 timer settings and 4 soundscapes to choose from.Safari Groove, Gentle Stream, Safari Trail and Victoria Falls.

I personally like Safari Groove for myself, however Andy & Ryan have been trading off with the GG at night and Andy agrees with me, but Ryan sleeps best with gentle stream playing.

We absolutely LOVE it. Ryan falls asleep & stays asleep through more background noise than ever. The only con I found was, it can be set for 23 or 45 minutes & often, when the 45 minutes is up, Ryan will wake up occasionally.I'd love it to have a longer time option, or not go off until manually turned off!

I've been using it when I go to bed ( in the same room as Ryan) at night & its been helping even me, drift off to sleep! I absolutely love this soft, sweet Giraffe & its another top notch product from Cloud B!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

For Andy..

So we always know where to go!!


I couldnt make this up if I tried...

Seriously. The WEIRDEST things happen to me people. Alright, here it is..So, yep. My nose seriously hurt so after talking to my family doctor, who couldnt get me in, they told me to go to an Urgent Care & get my nose X-rayed. I guess a nose that hurts for (now, going on FOUR) days, makes a clicking nose & is bruised MIGHT be broken.. Hmm.. So..I sat in a med center for 3 hours watching a bazillion & 60 people come in for drug tests. I had no idea that for workmans comp, etc peopleneed to go to places like this for drug tests. I learned more than I ever needed to know about workmans comp, I learned in those 3 hours...

I'm watching some WACKY doctor chatting with the nurses & smiling with another person waiting at he was & HEY!! He ended up being my doctor :-X

So.. He's isn't broken but I hear the click.. lets get an X-ray..he's like..giggly weird ( like he lacks social skills sort of? Or mayeb has NO one to talk to EVER??) and is telling me how horrible medical administration is & how its ruining everything ( it took ALL I had to not be like DAMN THE MAN!! SAVE THE EMPIRE!! to him)

He's like, I'm SO sorry it took so long, I feel so bad you had to wait, I'm going to go deliver this & we'll get you in for an x- ray right away!!

Okey doke.. 15 minutes later hes like "I'm really sorry..I delivered the test & then walked away..if I'd walked in I'd have known sooner.. the tech is on an outside job for a FULL body X-Ray..I have no idea how they even do that but I can tell you, its going to be like, an hour"

I was like "Okey doke I'll go home" hes like "do you think you need something for pain?? You said you were at a FOUR pain wise..RIGHT??" And looks pointedly at me.. (I had told him I was barely a 2, that it was just annoying but I got used to it..) so I'm like "Uh, sure.." and he gives me vicodin as I'm like "so my nose wont heal funny or anything.." and he starts saying "Oh NO, your nose looks GREAT..It's just.. well.. I'll let your husband take a closer look at tell you, but it looks GREAT!"

Okey doke :-X

So then we had a 15 minute talk about Michael JACKSON & he manages to tell me how his 42 year old sister has aspbergers & that "well she isnt doing THAT" (we were talking about adults who remain child like in their lifestyle & how fun she is with little kids [image] ) Then I realized Ahhhhhh.. gotcha. As it clicked so I sat back for another 10 minutes of MJ info swapping.

So its 5:30 and I havent eaten since 11:30 and about to DIE so I just went home instead of the pharmacy & I stepped back outside to take in my house plants, I took them outside for sun today.. and remember FLUFFY??

That the cat that DIED UNDER MY HOUSE?!??!

SHE WALKED UP TO ME!! I about shit myself.. she's dirty & skinny as hell but she starts meowing & whoring all over my legs for love.. I yelled for Mike to come out & he SWEARS she's a ghost..she dissapeared almost a year ago to the DAY!!

So.. I feed her & slip a flea collar on her when I get a sec to corral her & am like..dying in shock.. Mike is like "then WHO THE HELL IS THAT under our PORCH!??!" and points at this...

..what? We thought it was Fluf, so all that remained of her sits as a decoration amongst potted plants

Chuck ( her BABY) Is sitting on Andys window looking like "Mama..MAMA?? IS THAT YOU????"

Then the cat just vanishes. Mikes all " I SWEAR she was a ghost" so I spend 20 minutes calling her & she shows back up.

Check this out..

Here is Fluffy, with Andy.. Andy isnt even 2 here!!!!

Fluf dissapeared for an entire YEAR.. (Our poor neighbor, Bob was so sad, hes on vacation & he's going to crap when he gets home & we tell him!!!) Here is Fluffy yesterday..

My life is WACK... a doo!!!!