Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Peter Rabbit Organics

We recently got the chance to try out Peter Rabbit Organics fruit pouches.

They are 100% organic puree in a pouch! How perfect is that? Not only is it healthy, tasty, organic but its MESS free!!!! ((faints))

These awesome fruit treats come in Strawberry and Banana ,Apple and Grape, and Mango, Banana and Orange

They have no added sugar, they're 100% fruit, nothing funky in there and they're organic! They contain no fillers or water, just 3 great flavors of 100% healthy organic mess free fruit!

You can find these 3.5 oz pouches at select Whole Foods Markets & independent natural food stores for about $1.79 each, and also available by the 10 pack from Amazon.

Andy wasnt super into them,he only decided he really liked the Mango flavor after he stole one from Ryan & it was half gone. Andy's never been into soft foods, however Ryan L-O-V-E-S them!! Oh my GOSH. I have to say, the Apple and Grape seem to be his favorite. He gets HUGE grin when he sees one coming for him & with a simple twist of the lid, its open. No muss no fuss!!

We'll definitely be stocking up over here & you should definitely try them out as well!!

What flavor do you think your kiddos would like?

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