Friday, June 19, 2009

Museum kinda day..

Today was a girls day out! My mother in law & grandmother in law & Idecided to go do some girl stuff while the crabby boys stayed at home.We thought we'd start out with something most girls love. Fashion!We went to the Kent State Fashion Museum down the road.

They had a GORGEOUS
Michael Kors display currently running. The center piece was absolutely breath taking!! Its layers of very thin delicate black lace. Lovely!

There was a display about the Kokoon Arts Club from the 1930's which was FASCINATING!!!! You cant take pictures but it was absolutely amazing, I read a "newspaper" and they used the word "Dude" in it!! These were probably the freaks & weirdos of society going to crazy masquerade balls but boy, they would have been the group I wanted to run with if I lived in those days!! AMAZING! They were way ahead of their time in a very modern art way. There was a long john suit painted that I loved. The butt was cherries, the pouchy stomach was a chicken with apples on a platter, there was an imaginary animals on the back ( think Jersey Devil meets Seal meets Insect) and of course,a fig leaf where needed. The costumes were crazy. not typical. It told us how street clothes we'rnt allowed & even many "made up " costumes wouldnt be allowed. They had to meet the night before a ball & have their outfits OK'd because if they were not creative enough, they wer'nt allowed in!!

One of my FAVORITES was the
Confessions and the Sense of Self
Works by Noël
The Thesis of a local teacher (student) who spent 7 years piecing together confessions from websites (like Post Secret) and printing them onto fabric, in which she made these clothes.

This was my favorite, it was called "I Feel Great" It has quotes & confessions in a small tiny running pattern. It took every ounce of me not to smooth the fabric to read each confession.

This is Bridezilla. With quotes from revealing everything from a woman "losing" her ring because she was pissed it was so small, to a fiance who wanted to sleep with the best man.

They had a fabulous embroidery display. I loved this wedding dress, made in 2006 by one of KSUs teachers for her own wedding. Its the story of her courtship in english, sweeding & likely a language only her husband & her would understand. I made out a part about golf being their fun sport together though!!

I of course ( as the curator said everyone does) fell in love with a Christian Dior dresses ( here) and a Valentino as well.

As well as a
Jean Patou ( left) The middle dress is a Valentino. The dress on the right is a Dior that was owned by Marlene Dietrich.

We topped it off with some browsing of the downtown stoees & lunch at my favorite deli!!


  1. Looks so fun! Those dresses are insanely gorgeous!

  2. I am so jealous! That looks like an awesome museum.

  3. i am so glad you had a nice girls day out. thanks for the great photos, I'd forgotten how good that museum was. i am jealous of the deli!


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