Thursday, June 25, 2009

The King of Pop

As I'm sure everyone knows now. Michael Jackson passed away today.

I was driving home from the hospital wearing a black dress, sweating after carrying 50+ pounds of children through a downtown hospital to visit my ex boyfriend,great friend & amazing man, who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

I heard the announcement Farrah Fawcett had passed & a murmur of MJ having a heart attack, I couldnt quite hear over the phone, the car & the kids.

Mike & I decided we needed some time together tonight after realizing how much we need to appreciate eachother & were lucky enough to get to go to dinner at our favorite cheap ( possibly illegal working) Mexican place. On the way we say a nasty accident between a biker & a car.. a way I lost a friend from the past several years ago.. And heard a humerous play on Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

It was that in MJ's new single, he was giving away 6 golden passes to his Chocolate Factory. Only 6 girls, would be alot to come inside his chocolate factory. What were those?? Oompa Loompas?? "NO! MJ said.. those are little children hired to keep secrets", he replied.
So why are they blue? The person asked .
"Me, I do that! I blue them!" said "MJ"

Needless to say, it went on & on & Mike & I goggled because well, as raunchy & distasteful as it was, it WAS funny. Then the radio show came back on & announced "Michael Jackson has DIED. THANK GOD!!"

And Mike & I looked at eachother in shock. Seriously??? What was more shocking? The disgrace being shown for a recently depareted with words, or that they chose to play the comedy right then, or his death??

I of course, quickly TMZ & Perez'd but CNN hadnt yet even released an official statement.

I called my sister to flip on the news & minutes after she confirmed, so did every website.

Tonight I went to enjoy my guilty pleasure, 16 & Pregnant. and instead, a tribute to MJ was on.

I sat and watched and remembered all the times MJ influenced MY life!!

-As a preschooler/1st grader, I had a cassette tape that had Beat It on repeat, I listened to every night o fall asleep by.

-I raced home from 1st grade to watch the Black & White video ( excuse me while I do a nifty head box move here..) with my sister before my mom got home!!

-My sister & I's dance school re created Thriller. I had the HUGEST crush on one of the dancers ( Mischa, never told ya...I was possibly in love with Justin!!!!) and after that, I had a great love for Thriller, because it reminded me of my "first love" (aka crush at age 7) when in all actuality.. the video used to scare me ((whispers)) ssshhhhhh

-I still love Thriller. It scares Andy.. I yell at Mike to turn the video off but um.. I'm secretly glad I'm not the only wuss who gets scared of Thriller & Scooby Doo!!!

So the man had alot of extra crotch grabs in his routines.. Watching him dance tonight I realized.. the man head banged & did a some serious rocker moves ( hello horn fingers!!!) .. THEN he did a moon walk & some funky crotch moves.


Look at Akon humping ( albeit very WILLING..) 14 year old girls on stage!!!

I'll admit..when I saw MJ was going on tour I gasped & desperately wanted to go.. Would I take my 2 boys?? No. But I still wanted to go!!!

Fact is this, he wasnt convicted & as money hungry as sick parents are.. whos going to be like "Hey.. go play with this Michael Jackson man!" WAIT!!! I'M SUING YOU!! And THEN settle.. If someone did ANYTHING to my kiddo..I wouldnt be settling.. PERIOD. People are money hungry.People ar efame hungry, people are disgusting & horrible people. Mean to say? Maybe.. true? YEP!

Am I saying it didnt happen? No. Am I saying if it DID happen its ok? NO!! But I'm saying.. arent we supposed to say innocent until proven guilty??

Yep. And was he proven guilty?? NO.

The point isnt what the media hungry, the MONEY hungry & fame hungry said.. the point is.. This man was an ICON!!!!!!!!!!

The KING of Pop.. no, not the Prince.. the KING.

Often the most creative, are the most troubled. Being stripped of a childhood, growing up in the industry, it's no wonder someone would cling so to the childhood they never had. Perhaps, trying to protect those children so they could have what he lacked. My thoughts arent about what he did or didnt do. They're about honoring & respecting someone who is gone.

No matter who ANYONE is or WHAT they did.. SOMEONE misses them & far be it from me, or YOU to comment on them in such a manner, especially so shortly after a death.

Shame on you America. SHAME ON YOU!

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  1. 16 & Pregnant is my guilty pleasure as well


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