Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'd be lying...

If I said I didn't nearly pee my pants while giggling over this.

I've heard all of 5 seconds of a Jonas Brothers song before heading for the nearest bridge before flinging myself off..

Perhaps there is hope for them yet, What do you say??

PS- He's got moves eh?? tongue smileys


  1. Dude thats awesome. I have to watch ALL the videos of people doing that dance. It CRACKS me up!

  2. That was flipping hysterical!!!!!! I about peed myself too.

  3. I couldn't stop laughing while I was watching it. I might have laughed some after also! But I have to say in their defense, they put on the best concert I've ever in my entire life seen! I can't believe I'm admitting this either! I took Jasmyn and a friend to see them for her birthday last year. It was so amazing on top of eye opening at just how super talented they are. I think they're secretly being groomed to take over the world!!!! Well it sounds fun in theory anyhow...


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