Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am NOT crazy!

I'd like to start this by saying..Mike is POSITIVE there are "others out there"

When I say others out there.. Yes. I mean little green men just waiting to come pluck the president or some unsuspecting person for anal probes & implantation.

Okay, maybe thats a bit far fetched, but my smart darling husband does firmly believe in the world of the un known.

I however, couldnt really care less to be perfectly honest.

Last night I was sitting outside reading my Sookie Stackhouse series ( Love it!) and, as usual some aircraft went over. Its a daily thing, everything from Hospital Heliocopters to commercial aircraft to military aircraft.

Like always, I looked up. And just stared.. WTF was that?? It was a sort of boomerang shaped object, it was blue with a yellow line on the inner side & 2 orange flames from each end.

It went fast & was gone. Not fast like "it shot through the sky & dissapeared" Fast like "it was moving, passed & kept going" as in, the way ANY flying aircraft does.

It WAS daylight (7:30pm) & I was only 2 beers in.

I told Mike & he of course, ran to see it & has been bugging me about it ever since.

Do I think it was a UFO? No. I really dont.. However, I have No f-ing clue what it is..

So yes, I drew a picture.

I also googled.. THIS is the closest match I found..

Yes. That is a Little Tikes F 22 Raptor. And no, they don't come in that color in anywhere BUT Little Tikes warehouses.

So. Yep. Do YOU think I'm crazy?? Do you have a guess what it is??? If anyone can identify what I saw with pictures, a website or an explanation I'll give them SEVEN extra entries into any giveaway they pick!!

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  1. Umm, you nodded of and dreamt the whole thing! Yes, that is what you saw... the insie of your eyelids! :)


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