Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Endearing qualities...

I don't know what I love more Ryan..

-That you have an obsession with climbing into the bathroom, sticking your face as close to the sink as possible & making a SPIT noise.

-When you stomp your feet & wave your hands, which sometimes are followed by you getting REALLY ticked & banging your head on the floor when I remove you from a situation.

-How when its nap time & I offer to nurse, you shake your head & say NONO and giggle at me.

-The fact that you put out your fingers & cluck for the cat, just like your big brother does!


-That you only reach down during a poopy diaper.

Andy.. my darling!

-When you tell me "I'm SO crabby, I don't WANT to be happy!!" it just melts my cold little heart.
-How about when you open the screen top the window & then tell me "Yes, I openeded it & let Chuck out.Yes."
-Or how about when you say "Good byeee ererybuddy, sleep tiight!!" And wave as you head to bed like your going on a trip.
-What about when you get SO angry you push your brother then grunt & yell SOORRRYY the next second!!!

You boys.. you're handfuls. And I absolutely LOVE every minute of it.

..However.. When daddy gets home today I MIGHT tell him you were awful & I need some time alone.. Do as I say. Not as I do my children. Don't ever forget that!!

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  1. Oh how alike are we? Meet ya behind the woodshed ;)


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