Monday, June 1, 2009

DC pics, garden pics & whats been up..

I'd be lying if I said "OMG I've been sooo busy!! Sorry I havent
been on!! "


I get between 2-6 weeks a year that Mike is home from school on break & when I get it in the summer, I spend as much time gardening, relaxing alone & just BEING alone as I can. I need to suck it all in while I can, so when school starts back up & he's gone ALL day, I have some sanity hidden away!

Yep!! Yesterday in fact, I spent most of the day birdophiling a fledgling ( Yay GOOGLE!) finch around the back yard. I had been taking bricks from the front yard to the back & I nearly peed myself when I walked THISCLOSE to a teeny tiny bird sitting in the grape leaves. The mom flew away but I peered closer & the tiny bird.. well, he pooped actually, but then he let me take some pictures!

Aww..cute huh?? Then Mikes dumb ass came & tried to take a picture *with it* and it half flew have threw itself as fast & hard & far away from Mike as possible. I of course, yelled at Mike like a mother would & we went inside. Later I came back out to do some gardening. I needed to spread a few tomato plants, transplant my rosemary, dig up some chives for my mom & weed.
I was working on the corner flower bed when I heard a funny noise & I saw the baby bird was sitting on the fence right next to me, calling for his mommy who would come, feed him & attempt to show him how to fly home. The poor guy just looked at her like "WTF Ma, come BACK" everytime she left.

So I went back to my yard work.. I took apart the fire pit,


I weeded the garden & checked on my veggies..







Onions ( in the middle)
I'm anxiously waiting for my peonies to bloom!


Then as I was watering I saw baby bird hopping through out the grass & Mike spotted our neighbors cat & tried to run interference.. The neighbors came & yelled at Albert to go away (lol) and the lady next door & I watched the mam bird attempt to give her baby lessons. She'd come feed him, they'd nuzzle, she'd chatter & he'd chatter back, then she'd fly a circle ( around my head once, I was scared!!) It was pretty adorable. Mom would fly away for food & when she came back little bird would hop hop hop over to her as excited as could be. It was awesome to watch actually!!

Here is the fire pit so far, its all laid out & we're trying to decide between a few options to set it permanently. I need to level it out a bit more first, but you get the idea of where its going.


Andy has been crabbily adjusting back to a *normal* routine. He informed me after we came back from DC that "Santa gonna bring a puppy" I said "Oh?? Santa huh?" he said "Yah, a puppy."
Seeing as how he just met 2 large golden retrievers & was TERRIFIED of them, I asked "But you dont like dogs.." to which I got a DUH MOM face & a " I like PUPPIES, not DOGS!!"

..Silly mom.

I've also been rearranging stuff inside, I re potted my bamboo for the 9th time since I got it 4 years ago & got a new Peace Lily as well.

We recently moved our entertainment stand to the other side of the room & have been doing the room in an on going project. We hung the TV on the wall & have been moving pictures & plants & lamps around as I try to find their right spot. I loved my sisters curtains & how light it made the room so we decided to add sheers instead of blinds.. which has been .interesting.. we found that when we took blinds down there are random pieces of un painted wood on the windows.


Gorgeous huh?? So I'm trying to find some paint to go over the spots with, hopefully in the next few weeks I'll get around to it b/c it looks.. whats the word...Ah yes.. shitty!!

Ryan decided it'd be fun to pop a random tooth through in the back of his mouth & has been a screaming MESS for the last 3 days, today is the first day he's seemed to be in a good mood, thank goodness!

I'm sure all 3 of you out there have been dying for my DC pictures so.. here it is!!
(PS- Yep, I put Ryan FF for the first time for the trip!! It made things alot easier but I KNOW a few of you are wondering since Andy RF'd til he outgrew a Britax, Ryan is RF again in both cars here at home, it was just for the trip & my sanity ;-) So, I'll leave you with this! Andy and I are heading to the mall for 2 special blog/vlog's were doing together. Enjoy the video everyone!


  1. Love all the pics!!! We put Kayden FFing on 2 trips after he just turned one. It was a major sanity saver. =)

  2. Hey- I cannot believe you put the super-smile adjusted photo of Matt and I in! You told me I couldn't even put the photos of you guys on facebook! Look out...

  3. That first picture looks like a dancing lady. The montage was nice. I am glad you guys escaped for a bit! I say the need sanity is NOT overrated.

  4. Oh it looks like you guys had an AWESOME time, I love all the pictures, and look at you busy lady!


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