Monday, June 29, 2009

Dapper Snapper

My 2 dear boys were born with out an important feature that pants require.


Ah yes, with the growing popularity of adjustable waistbands in pants, its helped a bit, however, the lack of buttock my children have sure make it hard for the pants to stay UP in general!!

One day another mother, just like myself came up with a great solution to the "no butt" problem.

And Dapper Snapper was born!

Lets check it out on Andy.

This is him prior, his little pants are sliding right off!

On goes the Dapper Snapper..

Look at him now!! ( and the chocolate I bribed him with in his teeth!!!)

It's a simple solution to waist band troubles. They simply loop the belt loop, snap to size & wa-la! Pants that stay up, dont inhibit potty training & can be swapper to any pair of pants, or skirt, etc with just a few snaps. Plus, they come in almost every color available, so its a "no show" help!

Today is the ONE YEAR anniversary of Toddler Tech's Dapper Snappers opening.

To celebreate an AMAZING sale is going on, PLUS a great chance to help Reece's Rainbow, a great cause.

For June's Fundraising Week, Dapper Snapper/Toddler Tech is donating 20% of online sales of Dapper Snappers from June 28th until July 4th to Reeces Rainbow.

PLUS!! When you buy 2 Dapper Snappers, you get ONE free using the code- Happy1year

Check out the Dapper Snapper & order during the next week, you'll not only get a great deal, but help out as GREAT cause!!

Happy Anniversary Dapper Snappers!!!

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  1. That's a great idea...I'll check them out. And chocolate works every time :D


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