Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Ah yes, My widdle monkey moosky is growing UP! Andy ROO will be the big T-H-R-E-E this July & I of course, am hosting a BIG birthday bash to celebrate my first born!!

July 17th 2009 is Andy's THIRD birthday birthday!!

On July 16th I showed up, 42 weeks pregnant to a birthing suite in Cape Coral, Florida. I'd been walking around since 37 weeks anywhere from 1-3 cm dilated & for the love of crap, no one could believe I was yes..STILL PREGNANT!

My mom spent an entire MONTH with us in Florida, just waiting for this stinker to come out before I caved from the pressure for an induction at 42 weeks.

Andy's due date was July 6th, 2006. Andy was born July 17th, 2006 at 2 in the morning.

Long induction, long labor, long pushing & then a quick c-section.. which of course, was a long recovery!

To celebrate the entire WEEK that I walked around angry as hell than I was yes, STILL pregnant, I'll be having a FUN FUN FUN WEEK of reviews & giveaways, posts & celebrations!!

...Hell, I oughta do 2 weeks because that's how long I resisted induction huh??

See that cute little button in the right corner of my blog?? Yeah, GRAB IT!! Post it on YOUR BLOG. Leave me a link to your page in my comments & each person who grabs that button for their page will get THREE extra entries into ALL contests for the ENTIRE month of July!!!


  1. I put up the button!!!
    (right hand side under Great Upcoming and current events!)
    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. awww how sweet! My daughter will be 3 July 3rd!!! :) Happy birthday to your sweetheart, he's adorable!!!

  3. p.s. I grabbed the button :) http://pickinglilies.blogspot.com/

  4. Wow...can't believe it has been three years. I'm still in denial that Nicholas is three!

    Anyway, have your button on my blog!


  5. Wow these last three years have been so much fun!!!


  6. For the special boy, listed under special friends:


  7. I know I'm slow, but I finally added your button LOL


  8. Noooo way the Andy's can't be turning three!! I added your button!



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