Monday, June 29, 2009

Dapper Snapper

My 2 dear boys were born with out an important feature that pants require.


Ah yes, with the growing popularity of adjustable waistbands in pants, its helped a bit, however, the lack of buttock my children have sure make it hard for the pants to stay UP in general!!

One day another mother, just like myself came up with a great solution to the "no butt" problem.

And Dapper Snapper was born!

Lets check it out on Andy.

This is him prior, his little pants are sliding right off!

On goes the Dapper Snapper..

Look at him now!! ( and the chocolate I bribed him with in his teeth!!!)

It's a simple solution to waist band troubles. They simply loop the belt loop, snap to size & wa-la! Pants that stay up, dont inhibit potty training & can be swapper to any pair of pants, or skirt, etc with just a few snaps. Plus, they come in almost every color available, so its a "no show" help!

Today is the ONE YEAR anniversary of Toddler Tech's Dapper Snappers opening.

To celebreate an AMAZING sale is going on, PLUS a great chance to help Reece's Rainbow, a great cause.

For June's Fundraising Week, Dapper Snapper/Toddler Tech is donating 20% of online sales of Dapper Snappers from June 28th until July 4th to Reeces Rainbow.

PLUS!! When you buy 2 Dapper Snappers, you get ONE free using the code- Happy1year

Check out the Dapper Snapper & order during the next week, you'll not only get a great deal, but help out as GREAT cause!!

Happy Anniversary Dapper Snappers!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Ballerina Bells

As most of you know, I will likely never have a daughter. Instead I drool over pink ruffles & lace & insist that I don't mind, all boys is good for me! I have however, been known to cave when I see Tutus for little girls.

I was a jazz dancer, my sister was a ballerina & the one thing I was always envious of was her beautiful tutu costumes. I often joke that if I dont have a daughter, when I turn a certian age I'll buy myself a tutu! (sad thing is, I likely will)

When Rachel, over at Ballerina Bells asked if, even though I dont have girls, would I be interested in working with her on her amazing line of tutus? I nearly jumped through the screen to hug her!

These ladies from ALL over make these amazing products & are a tried & true company that serves other moms, wives & women just life themselves.

I got to pick out my favorite Tutu for one of you to win!!

One of my LUCKY readers will win a Fruit Punch Tutu for their own little princess!!

Here is how to enter to win-

Visit Ballerina Bells & tell me your favorite item on their site.

Extra entries for;
-Following me.
-Following me on Twitter.
-Tweeting about this giveaway.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The King of Pop

As I'm sure everyone knows now. Michael Jackson passed away today.

I was driving home from the hospital wearing a black dress, sweating after carrying 50+ pounds of children through a downtown hospital to visit my ex boyfriend,great friend & amazing man, who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

I heard the announcement Farrah Fawcett had passed & a murmur of MJ having a heart attack, I couldnt quite hear over the phone, the car & the kids.

Mike & I decided we needed some time together tonight after realizing how much we need to appreciate eachother & were lucky enough to get to go to dinner at our favorite cheap ( possibly illegal working) Mexican place. On the way we say a nasty accident between a biker & a car.. a way I lost a friend from the past several years ago.. And heard a humerous play on Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

It was that in MJ's new single, he was giving away 6 golden passes to his Chocolate Factory. Only 6 girls, would be alot to come inside his chocolate factory. What were those?? Oompa Loompas?? "NO! MJ said.. those are little children hired to keep secrets", he replied.
So why are they blue? The person asked .
"Me, I do that! I blue them!" said "MJ"

Needless to say, it went on & on & Mike & I goggled because well, as raunchy & distasteful as it was, it WAS funny. Then the radio show came back on & announced "Michael Jackson has DIED. THANK GOD!!"

And Mike & I looked at eachother in shock. Seriously??? What was more shocking? The disgrace being shown for a recently depareted with words, or that they chose to play the comedy right then, or his death??

I of course, quickly TMZ & Perez'd but CNN hadnt yet even released an official statement.

I called my sister to flip on the news & minutes after she confirmed, so did every website.

Tonight I went to enjoy my guilty pleasure, 16 & Pregnant. and instead, a tribute to MJ was on.

I sat and watched and remembered all the times MJ influenced MY life!!

-As a preschooler/1st grader, I had a cassette tape that had Beat It on repeat, I listened to every night o fall asleep by.

-I raced home from 1st grade to watch the Black & White video ( excuse me while I do a nifty head box move here..) with my sister before my mom got home!!

-My sister & I's dance school re created Thriller. I had the HUGEST crush on one of the dancers ( Mischa, never told ya...I was possibly in love with Justin!!!!) and after that, I had a great love for Thriller, because it reminded me of my "first love" (aka crush at age 7) when in all actuality.. the video used to scare me ((whispers)) ssshhhhhh

-I still love Thriller. It scares Andy.. I yell at Mike to turn the video off but um.. I'm secretly glad I'm not the only wuss who gets scared of Thriller & Scooby Doo!!!

So the man had alot of extra crotch grabs in his routines.. Watching him dance tonight I realized.. the man head banged & did a some serious rocker moves ( hello horn fingers!!!) .. THEN he did a moon walk & some funky crotch moves.


Look at Akon humping ( albeit very WILLING..) 14 year old girls on stage!!!

I'll admit..when I saw MJ was going on tour I gasped & desperately wanted to go.. Would I take my 2 boys?? No. But I still wanted to go!!!

Fact is this, he wasnt convicted & as money hungry as sick parents are.. whos going to be like "Hey.. go play with this Michael Jackson man!" WAIT!!! I'M SUING YOU!! And THEN settle.. If someone did ANYTHING to my kiddo..I wouldnt be settling.. PERIOD. People are money hungry.People ar efame hungry, people are disgusting & horrible people. Mean to say? Maybe.. true? YEP!

Am I saying it didnt happen? No. Am I saying if it DID happen its ok? NO!! But I'm saying.. arent we supposed to say innocent until proven guilty??

Yep. And was he proven guilty?? NO.

The point isnt what the media hungry, the MONEY hungry & fame hungry said.. the point is.. This man was an ICON!!!!!!!!!!

The KING of Pop.. no, not the Prince.. the KING.

Often the most creative, are the most troubled. Being stripped of a childhood, growing up in the industry, it's no wonder someone would cling so to the childhood they never had. Perhaps, trying to protect those children so they could have what he lacked. My thoughts arent about what he did or didnt do. They're about honoring & respecting someone who is gone.

No matter who ANYONE is or WHAT they did.. SOMEONE misses them & far be it from me, or YOU to comment on them in such a manner, especially so shortly after a death.

Shame on you America. SHAME ON YOU!

Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford ( Review & Giveaway)

I recently got the chance to review two AMAZING facial care lines. I decided to make it fair, my mom would try one & I'd try the other & we would compare results.

My mom tried out Cindy Crawford's new anti aging system, Meaningful Beauty .

My mom is the guru of facial care. Its where I got my obsession for trying EVERY new product out there, so lets see what she had to say about Meaningful Beauty!

"I was excited to try Cindy Crawford's skin care stuff after watching her on QVC - it really sounded like great science behind the products and she definitely looks great for her age. the info said 'you'll see a difference in as little as 4 weeks' so I was skeptical but interested to see if it was true - especially since I'm a good bit older than Cindy Crawford and had lots of skin problems when I was young.
It's been ten days of pretty consistent use (everything except the cleanser) and I already see a difference. And I had thought my previous skin care line had done a lot to improve my skin before, but this has been a bigger jump in improvement. my skin looks better than ever.
I don't care for the cleanser - you can use it without water - just rub it in and tissue it off. I really need to have a somewhat foamy product to feel really clean, but I could see this working well for someone with real dry skin - or to take camping with you maybe.
I love the eye creme and the neck creme especially - definitely smoothed out fine lines and crinkles. The daily moisturizer and night fluid are really nice - a soft scent (not sure what it is) & they sink right in. After ten days my skin just seems smoother already, with smaller pores (which is a problem for me). I often have a problem with moisturizers causing break-outs, but these were great. I wasn't sure what to make of the claims on the Glowing Serum - Skin Revitalizing Serum that is supposed to "transform dull, tired skin into fresh, glowing skin for a special event, an instant pick-me-up...," which just sounded unrealistic. I put it on one morning at the end of a long, hard work week. Nice smooth texture to it, but it didn't seem like any magic was happening. So I put on my make-up as usual and went about my day. Late in the day I glanced in the mirror and was surprised to see that I didn't look tired and worn out like I felt - I actually looked pretty good - which then made me feel pretty good! So all in all I do think these are great products.
Thanks Claire for giving me the chance to try them.

Proactiv (review & giveaway)

I have been lucky enough to be that girl who the lunch lady used to stop & compliment my skin..Ahh yes, it made for a delightful teenage years.

Thheeenn I moved from Ohio to Florida & got pregnant, moved back to Ohio & got pregnant again.

Since then, my skin is still pretty clean but I have trouble spots ( around my chin) that NOTHING gets rid of, I mean NOTHING. I'm fairly sure the whole "snuggle on a baby's head" all day isn't helping the process, but I've tried it ALL as far as acne treatments go.

Now I've found my cure!

Proactiv. We've all seen the commercials, gotten inserts in magazines, seen the ads..

When Jessica Simpson says "a dab is all you need" the woman is NOT kidding people!!!

I've been using the Proactiv line for several weeks now & not only has my skin stopped breaking out, I stopped wearing makeup because my skin positively GLOWS.

I love the cleanser. It's just a touch of an exfoliate. Not so much that it cant be used daily, like most, but enough that boy do you feel scrubbed fresh in a clean, yet not scarred way. It isn't harsh & painful, its the perfect blend of cleanser & scrubbies!

I've never been a facial lotion or cream girl. I've forced myself to use it over the years because I know how great a step program of skin care can be, but I just can't bring myself to love it. Proactiv's daily lotion is perfect for me. I don't feel greasy, it absorbs quickly & I cant tell I ever put it on by the afternoon, when a typical lotion starts to slide my makeup off my face.

The astringent doesn't B-U-R-N like the alcohol ridden ones do & the spot treatment is to die for!!!

I'll be using Proactiv for mean many MANY years to come & if no other acne treatments have worked for you, its time to stop wasting money & invest in Proactiv for yourself!

One of my readers will get the chance to try the Proactiv cleansing set for themselves!

Enter by-
-Telling me why you'd like to try Proactiv.
-Following me here on Blogger.
-Following me on Twitter
-Tweeting about this giveaway. ( one tweet per day allowed) & I will pick a winner 2 weeks from now!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Save Ohio Libraries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cutting Ohio's library funds by 50% is like saying to our future generation "Its cool, reading & studying & learning really doesn't do much for ya anyway.."

We might as well just hand our future generations a lighter & a crackpipe & tell them to smoke up because hey.. with out LEARNING, READING & KNOWLEDGE.. Our countries future WILL be nothing but ..well.. Just that. It will be nothing.

Save Our Library

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Peter Rabbit Organics

We recently got the chance to try out Peter Rabbit Organics fruit pouches.

They are 100% organic puree in a pouch! How perfect is that? Not only is it healthy, tasty, organic but its MESS free!!!! ((faints))

These awesome fruit treats come in Strawberry and Banana ,Apple and Grape, and Mango, Banana and Orange

They have no added sugar, they're 100% fruit, nothing funky in there and they're organic! They contain no fillers or water, just 3 great flavors of 100% healthy organic mess free fruit!

You can find these 3.5 oz pouches at select Whole Foods Markets & independent natural food stores for about $1.79 each, and also available by the 10 pack from Amazon.

Andy wasnt super into them,he only decided he really liked the Mango flavor after he stole one from Ryan & it was half gone. Andy's never been into soft foods, however Ryan L-O-V-E-S them!! Oh my GOSH. I have to say, the Apple and Grape seem to be his favorite. He gets HUGE grin when he sees one coming for him & with a simple twist of the lid, its open. No muss no fuss!!

We'll definitely be stocking up over here & you should definitely try them out as well!!

What flavor do you think your kiddos would like?


Happy Green Bee winner is.

Just For Me And You-Megan&Erica said... 2 I would choose the color Sky.

And the winner of the $25 Build a Bear certificate is....

The Pretty Peacock said... 35


Congratulations Ladies!! I'll be in contact with both of you shortly!!

I am NOT crazy!

I'd like to start this by saying..Mike is POSITIVE there are "others out there"

When I say others out there.. Yes. I mean little green men just waiting to come pluck the president or some unsuspecting person for anal probes & implantation.

Okay, maybe thats a bit far fetched, but my smart darling husband does firmly believe in the world of the un known.

I however, couldnt really care less to be perfectly honest.

Last night I was sitting outside reading my Sookie Stackhouse series ( Love it!) and, as usual some aircraft went over. Its a daily thing, everything from Hospital Heliocopters to commercial aircraft to military aircraft.

Like always, I looked up. And just stared.. WTF was that?? It was a sort of boomerang shaped object, it was blue with a yellow line on the inner side & 2 orange flames from each end.

It went fast & was gone. Not fast like "it shot through the sky & dissapeared" Fast like "it was moving, passed & kept going" as in, the way ANY flying aircraft does.

It WAS daylight (7:30pm) & I was only 2 beers in.

I told Mike & he of course, ran to see it & has been bugging me about it ever since.

Do I think it was a UFO? No. I really dont.. However, I have No f-ing clue what it is..

So yes, I drew a picture.

I also googled.. THIS is the closest match I found..

Yes. That is a Little Tikes F 22 Raptor. And no, they don't come in that color in anywhere BUT Little Tikes warehouses.

So. Yep. Do YOU think I'm crazy?? Do you have a guess what it is??? If anyone can identify what I saw with pictures, a website or an explanation I'll give them SEVEN extra entries into any giveaway they pick!!

Jon & Kate

I may be one of the only people alive who doesnt watch this show..

However, seeing as how its major news I thought I'd pass on this link. has put up a poll, asking your thoughts on Jon & Kate's divorce announcement.

Check out the site, place your vote & let me know YOUR thoughts.

I'll share mine after you do!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Endearing qualities...

I don't know what I love more Ryan..

-That you have an obsession with climbing into the bathroom, sticking your face as close to the sink as possible & making a SPIT noise.

-When you stomp your feet & wave your hands, which sometimes are followed by you getting REALLY ticked & banging your head on the floor when I remove you from a situation.

-How when its nap time & I offer to nurse, you shake your head & say NONO and giggle at me.

-The fact that you put out your fingers & cluck for the cat, just like your big brother does!


-That you only reach down during a poopy diaper.

Andy.. my darling!

-When you tell me "I'm SO crabby, I don't WANT to be happy!!" it just melts my cold little heart.
-How about when you open the screen top the window & then tell me "Yes, I openeded it & let Chuck out.Yes."
-Or how about when you say "Good byeee ererybuddy, sleep tiight!!" And wave as you head to bed like your going on a trip.
-What about when you get SO angry you push your brother then grunt & yell SOORRRYY the next second!!!

You boys.. you're handfuls. And I absolutely LOVE every minute of it.

..However.. When daddy gets home today I MIGHT tell him you were awful & I need some time alone.. Do as I say. Not as I do my children. Don't ever forget that!!

I don't really know what I have to say right now.

I have a lot to say, but most of it I probably shouldn't.

It's funny, how people from our past can still be such an important part of you, even when life has changed in 5 million ways since it was their time.

You might not see them, or talk to them much. But they're presence, thoughts of them, they're always there.

You see a place & think of them, or a smell brings back a memory.

You'll always be in my thoughts, heart & prayers. You've always been one of the strongest, most positive people & you've encouraged alot out of me when when I resisted as a silly girl.

Thank you. I don't think you have any idea how special you always have been to me & I doubt I'll ever tell you. This is likely the best I'll ever do.

You'll come through this, and hey.. bald is kinda in for the summer, right??

Always have, always will!!



Ah yes, My widdle monkey moosky is growing UP! Andy ROO will be the big T-H-R-E-E this July & I of course, am hosting a BIG birthday bash to celebrate my first born!!

July 17th 2009 is Andy's THIRD birthday birthday!!

On July 16th I showed up, 42 weeks pregnant to a birthing suite in Cape Coral, Florida. I'd been walking around since 37 weeks anywhere from 1-3 cm dilated & for the love of crap, no one could believe I was yes..STILL PREGNANT!

My mom spent an entire MONTH with us in Florida, just waiting for this stinker to come out before I caved from the pressure for an induction at 42 weeks.

Andy's due date was July 6th, 2006. Andy was born July 17th, 2006 at 2 in the morning.

Long induction, long labor, long pushing & then a quick c-section.. which of course, was a long recovery!

To celebrate the entire WEEK that I walked around angry as hell than I was yes, STILL pregnant, I'll be having a FUN FUN FUN WEEK of reviews & giveaways, posts & celebrations!!

...Hell, I oughta do 2 weeks because that's how long I resisted induction huh??

See that cute little button in the right corner of my blog?? Yeah, GRAB IT!! Post it on YOUR BLOG. Leave me a link to your page in my comments & each person who grabs that button for their page will get THREE extra entries into ALL contests for the ENTIRE month of July!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Eight Simple Rules

I recently had the chance to review Season Two of Eight Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter.

It's a cute humorous comedic show which also touches on issues that all parents ( especially of girls!) can relate to.

Emmy winner John Ritter (TV’s “Three’s Company”) and four-time Golden Globe nominee Katey Sagal (from TV’s “Married with Children”) star as frazzled parents trying to raise three teenagers in this television comedy.

In this upbeat family comedy, Paul Hennessy (Ritter) is a sports writer who is prompted by his wife Cate’s (Sagal) return to nursing to take a more active role in raising their two teenage daughters, Bridget (Kaley Cuoco, (of the “The Big Bang Theory”), and Kerry (Amy Davidson, from“CSI: NY”), and their son Rory (Martin Spanjers, HBO’s “True Blood”).
He is soon overwhelmed by his at-home responsibilities and misses being a sports writer. Paul begins writing a column about his struggles with his children and offers advice to people who are in his same position. His teenage daughters are dating, which sparks the use of the “8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter.”

8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter: Season Two 3-disc set hit store shelves on May 19, 2009 but lucky reader will win the Season Two 3-disc set!! You can re-live the laughs with all 24 episodes from the hit show’s second season, which aired during the 2003-2004 television season on ABC.

During its three year run, the show received an Emmy (Outstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series) and a People’s Choice Award (Favorite New TV Comedy Series).

You can enter to win your own copy of Season Two by the following;

-Follow Me.
-Follow me on Twitter.
-Tweet about this giveaway.
-Put my button on your blog.

Be sure to leave one comment for each entry!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day Mikey!!!

Remember the first day you became a father???


And the second??


And just look at you now!!!!


Thanks for being my baby's daddy!!

And Happy Fathers day to my Dad!!!


I'm lucky to have you for a Dad, Dad!!!!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Care Bears: Tell-Tale Tummies

I have loved the Care Bears since I was a little girl, so when I got the chance to review Care Bears: Tell-Tale Tummies
of course I said "YES!! my kids would LOVE that!!!"

Sure enough sat entranced in the TV saying "Lucky!!!" after the bear that was features in one of the episodes!

This adorable DVD features 8 GREAT episodes with a running time of 88 great minutes full of the lovable bears with their shining tummies & great powers to help!

My favorite, er, Andy's was definitely "Oopsy, the Hero" as he walked around giggling "Oopsy!!!" after words.

If you, um, your children, are lovers of the Care Bears
your in luck! This DVD was available for release on June 9th for a retail price of $14.98.

Did you know, the Care Bears will be rejoining CBS on Saturday mornings?? Be sure to keep an eye out for that as well!!!

Museum kinda day..

Today was a girls day out! My mother in law & grandmother in law & Idecided to go do some girl stuff while the crabby boys stayed at home.We thought we'd start out with something most girls love. Fashion!We went to the Kent State Fashion Museum down the road.

They had a GORGEOUS
Michael Kors display currently running. The center piece was absolutely breath taking!! Its layers of very thin delicate black lace. Lovely!

There was a display about the Kokoon Arts Club from the 1930's which was FASCINATING!!!! You cant take pictures but it was absolutely amazing, I read a "newspaper" and they used the word "Dude" in it!! These were probably the freaks & weirdos of society going to crazy masquerade balls but boy, they would have been the group I wanted to run with if I lived in those days!! AMAZING! They were way ahead of their time in a very modern art way. There was a long john suit painted that I loved. The butt was cherries, the pouchy stomach was a chicken with apples on a platter, there was an imaginary animals on the back ( think Jersey Devil meets Seal meets Insect) and of course,a fig leaf where needed. The costumes were crazy. not typical. It told us how street clothes we'rnt allowed & even many "made up " costumes wouldnt be allowed. They had to meet the night before a ball & have their outfits OK'd because if they were not creative enough, they wer'nt allowed in!!

One of my FAVORITES was the
Confessions and the Sense of Self
Works by Noël
The Thesis of a local teacher (student) who spent 7 years piecing together confessions from websites (like Post Secret) and printing them onto fabric, in which she made these clothes.

This was my favorite, it was called "I Feel Great" It has quotes & confessions in a small tiny running pattern. It took every ounce of me not to smooth the fabric to read each confession.

This is Bridezilla. With quotes from revealing everything from a woman "losing" her ring because she was pissed it was so small, to a fiance who wanted to sleep with the best man.

They had a fabulous embroidery display. I loved this wedding dress, made in 2006 by one of KSUs teachers for her own wedding. Its the story of her courtship in english, sweeding & likely a language only her husband & her would understand. I made out a part about golf being their fun sport together though!!

I of course ( as the curator said everyone does) fell in love with a Christian Dior dresses ( here) and a Valentino as well.

As well as a
Jean Patou ( left) The middle dress is a Valentino. The dress on the right is a Dior that was owned by Marlene Dietrich.

We topped it off with some browsing of the downtown stoees & lunch at my favorite deli!!