Friday, May 1, 2009

Toddler Virtue Tees

Patience is a Virtue.

If I had a nickle for every time someone said this to me.. my goodness.. I'd be on my own reality show!!!

Patience IS a virtue, and unfortunately, I lack it. Extremely.. Which sometimes makes it hard to teach my lacking virtues to my children!

When I first saw Toddler Virtue Tees, I was actually surprised! Just from SEEING simple words on a shirt, it was a mental calming reminder of that specific virtue. Patience.. I NEED PATIENCE! (Monika, please make Patience your next adult size tee!!!!) Just seeing the shirt, the words, the message sparks a reminder for each of these very important virtues!

Courage, Tolerance, Patience,Gratitude, Kindness. These are ALL things I hope to instill in my children, yet as a mom of 2 boys, so close in age, believe me, even I have trouble remembering each of them some times, much less teaching my children about them!

Monika Hall, the creator of Toddler Virtue Tees is spreading an important message.

"I feel like I've 'danced like nobody's watching' far before that phrase became popular. The picture to the right is of my son and I at a kid's concert (Ralph's World) last summer. It was here that my toddler virtue tee idea was born. As I looked around I noticed every child at the concert was wearing a tee shirt with a slogan or design on it. Whether it be spoiled, princess, high maintenance, little dude, a musician or whatever – this was the fad. At that moment it occurred to me that I had an opportunity to use this tee shirt craze as a platform to do some good by teaching toddler's virtues.I feel that to make the world a better place, we need to start with our children. I propose that we bring back virtues. What if we instilled virtues like kindness, courage, tolerance, gratitude and patience into our toddlers? What if eventually these virtues became not only a word, but a way of life? What would happen if these virtuous toddlers became virtuous school aged children, young adults and our leaders of tomorrow? Maybe instead of seeing school shootings sprung by hatred, cowards for authority figures or wars arising from intolerance and impatience, we’ll see new and gracious generations make decisions based on respect and virtues. Just imagine what a world that would be!
Please give teaching virtues to toddlers a try by using my '5 steps to teach virtues method'. My goal is that by the time your toddler has outgrown their tee, the virtue will be ingrained in their heart forever.

The second part of this project is to Pass it On. Please join me in my efforts to create a generation known for virtues. Share these virtues (and Toddler Virtue Tees!) with other grown-ups and toddlers. Pass hand-me-downs to siblings and order tees for toddler friends! Donate hand me downs to local shelters or soup kitchens. Buy new ones for kids who normally wouldn't be reached by these tees. We've donated to our local homeless shelter. Be a good role model to your child. Show kindness first hand. Do good and feel good! You can help make a difference.

Something truly special could happen if we all take part in Pass it On. We could take little steps together to make the future brighter. Won't you give it a try with me?
Monika Hall"

Monika is absolutely right! Everyone wants the world to be a better place yet we need to start that change with our children, what if instead of plastering "brat" on your toddlers shorts you put something classy,classic & worth wild, like Gratitude on her shirt?? What if just these small words could truly make a difference?

I've seen a difference. Andy knows what courage is now! When I see his shirt it reminds me of other virtues, like Patience, for when he's crabby! Not to mention, these shirts are butter soft. You know that PERFECT shirt everyone has?? This is it. Its soft, smooth & slides over those little heads like silk. Andy refuses to take his off & has worn it to bed every night that he's kept it on during the day!! I'm hoping Monika makes an adult sizes Patience tee next because I cant keep my hands off Andys shirt its sooo soft!!

Andy is in the "this is my good smile" phase.. and the lighting is a bit off but check him out in his own courageous action!

Monika is offering free shipping to all through the month of May, so visit Toddler Virtue Tees, come back & tell me which is your favorite virtue (and tee!) & join us in spreading the message of these important values & virtues to the furture generations of our Earth!


  1. Thanks for letting us know about these. These would be great for Bitty.

  2. VERY cute! I need the patience and the kindness for my almost 2 year old. We are working on these things everyday!

  3. I need kindness for Delaney!

  4. oh We need patience for both my girls... and to pass on to the 2 year old I watch :)

  5. Oh how cute, what a great idea!

  6. It is a great idea! I really really like this one!

  7. I'd pick Gratitude for Amelia. I think we all forget about how much we have when we're worried about what we don't have. ;)


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